Thursday, June 21, 2007

Text Link Ads - Not Too Bad!

*This is not a paid posting*

Had a surprise this morning when i received and email from Text Link Ads.

Text Link Ads

For as long as i had maintained the url feed for the ads to come in since April 2007, and after waiting for almost a month, i had some text link ads coming in, eventhough i placed it at the bottom of my blog.

In May, i got USD3.50 by just posting it up and i've been paid via PayPal that amount. Yes, it's not a big amount, but it's a start.

So, today, i get one more ad that came in, making it a total of 3 so far. Each URL Feed allows up to 5 ads to be placed. So, in time to come, should that number grow, i will put up one more url feed to accommodate more text link ads!

I just checked my account and i have USD9.75 for placing the ads this month! The rate are calculated on a daily basis on a 30 days/1 month ad placement. Converting them to Ringgit, that is a good RM30++ extra a month.

Text Link Ads

I am certainly not complaining over this good fortune, so i decided to blog about this here, like i said, this is not a paid posting, nor is this a review, i'm just telling all of you, which like me, have a low Google PageRank, low traffic to the blog and almost incognito in the blogsphere that it's possible to earn some decent (though small) amount of money via TLA.

Just sign up here, put the url feed and wait for a month or two (like i did), then start seeing some cash flowing in.

Text Link Ads

Good Luck!

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