Friday, June 15, 2007

Money Do Grow On Tree

Yesterday, i went home and found growing on one of my tree at home.


You just got to believe it!

And dont' forget to pray for blessings ok!

Then i quickly go down to the postbox and found a cheque of RM100 made payable to me!!! (okla, this one too drama already...but you get my drift)


I then cash the RM100 and bought some flour to bake some bread.

bread baked with DOUGH from!!

So, who say money don't grow on tree? Mine did. I've been putting ads from Advertlets and it's associates about 2 months ago and yesterday, i recieved my first pay cheque just by placing the ad in my blog.

No doubt there is a lot of other pay per review or pay per click program, but those are all based overseas and as everyone know, PayPal can be a pain in the you know where. Not only they charge for bank transfer, the don't trust us Malaysians enough to let us bank the money directly into our own Malaysian Account.

As everyone also know, there is another Malaysian advert website which get great review too and it's in my blog as well. I've not much luck with that one, unfortunately, eventhough you see them more often in more blogs than

Perhaps those program benefits higher traffic blog, where else, low ranking, low traffic blog like mine (which only get like 150++hits a day) are left out. gave me the opportunities to earn some cash. That is why rocks!!!

And in time when i'm not being paid, despite still fully employed, the RM100 let me get some dough to make some bread and buy some milk to feed my son!

It says it all...Thank You!

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