Friday, June 29, 2007

It Will Be Major Adjustment

I went for an interview yesterday. First in my life after the last job i actually had with Naga DDB after i graduate. Infact, my CV and resume writting skills are so bad i was stuck after filling up my own personal details.

Was i scared? A little i supposed. The company that i went for the interview was a subsidiary of some larger company, US based, dealing mostly with US company.

I have no idea what position i was to apply, as it was a "shoot blindy" application; send CV and cover letter and keep finger crossed.

"Ee-Van, can you come for an interview this Thursday at 6.30pm", the Director/Regional Manager asked me on Tuesday, barely 2 hours after i sent my CV to them.

Yesterday was a walk in the dark. I have no idea what i was in for. I read the company's profile on their website and granted that they offer services as per what they said, i only have a vague idea what it was all about.

In short, the interview went well, in my opinion at least. I've not went for enough interview to actually know or read other's body language.

The job will be completely different from what i am doing right now, which is being the receptionist, office admin, engineer, site worker all rolled into one.

One Leg Kick.

I would say, the total relevency of what i'm doing and what they (the interviewers)are doing, on the scale of 1 to 10 (10 being most relevant) would be 2.5

But i see it as an opportunity to enrich myself with new skills.

That would be the first major adjustment should i be offered the job.

On the other hand, should i get any other jobs, it would meant a total revamp of my life, biological clock included.

1. No longer would i have the luxury of waking up at 8am everyday, play with Ryan, breakfast with wifey before i head out to office by 9am.

2. I would not be able to blog as often as i want to. Will you all miss me?

3. No more long lunch hours with friends and wifey, or stealing time away to go fix the bike.

4. I could not go to work wearing jeans and polo-t anymore, except friday, maybe.

5. I no longer could leave the office early to go and train for the coming IronMan, or any race for that matter.

6. I must prepare to work way over 6pm everyday, taking away precious family time as well.

7. My weekend might be spent in the office, rushing for deadlines.

8. I no longer could afford to stay up late, a i need to get up early everyday, possibly to escape the traffic.

Yes, i'm pampered for the past 6 years, working in this company. But i've given equal energy to complete all the work i was tasked to do, at times running up and down North South Highway every other day and going down south every week.

I had my honeymoon time, some would say, when other struggle to climb the corporate ladder/race the rat race, i was comfortably doing what i do best at work, and enjoys it.

I have all my fingers crossed, i hope to be offered a job somewhere soon, which pays me relatively ok compared to my current job.

Changes is good, some says, and i hope, when the time comes, the change that i will embark, will be for the better.

Both in my own personal achievement and family commitments.

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