Friday, June 22, 2007

IronMan Langkawi 2007 Video

Play the video above. Better yet, don't.


To start with, it is not as inspiring as it should had been compared to the other IronMan videos i've seen.

I attribute it to the MUSIC SCORE. It sounded like some B-rated (hell, make that Z-rated) hero/superman/batman/ultraman soundtrack. Can't they just put in some nice music?

Then, the speech by the minister and him making a fool out of himself going around the Pro's table giving the thumbs up are just plain lame. Also the ending speech by the other minister...lame!

The video keep showing mostly the mat salleh doing it, how about the the Asians??? Where are the overweight people like me? The Older folks like Patsy?

If the want impact, they should just give equal coverage of the other average people that finished the race as the sun goes down.

They should show people fainting, and then carrying on the race like how Azwar did. How Doc vomitted on the swim and continued on. How we, human, struggle, all in the name to finish and complete the IronMan race.

Show how the race started from the break of sunlight, until the sun goes down. It's a 17hours race for some of us, and for a number, even after passing the 17hours qualifying time, they still go on and finish the race in say, 20 hours? (no, i'm not giving/paving excuse for myself in case i can't finish in 17hours).

But in all fairness, thank you for the video, for that is about the only video of the Langkawi race that i could find in YouTube which shows triathletes in MOVING action.

They should had just played the song below to accompany the video.

Corny but works everytime...

Why did i say MOVING action as per the last paragraph above?

That is because i found another one, and i tell you, despite it's a pictorial-video...i give it them 4 thumbs up (that include both my big toes already). Definitely better than the looked-like-government-done-video.

Video by HamburgerMan who finished the race sub 10hours

It's official now, i will be going to Langkawi minus the family. I will book the flight and hope to share rooms with friends heading that way next year.

Menu for Today : Run +/- 24km : Home - TTDI - Kiara - TTDI - Pencala - Gym - Pencala - Home.
Menu for Tomorrow: Cycle +/- 60km : RMC - Bukit Unggul - RMC

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