Monday, June 25, 2007

RMC - Bukit Unggul - RMC

Last Saturday,OP Fadzil Chief Kutu, OP Ahmad Ramli, OP Aziz Youp "Pedro", Kutu Azharuddin, Azly "bandit", Ismadi "Chipang" Ismail, Harry Toolseram, OP Azudin and me tested the 28km route out in conjunction with the 7/7/07 cycling to Port Dickson to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the 1957 FMC intake.

There is a lot of publicity going around for this celebration, the first being the appearance of Tun Ling, Dato' Seri Radzi and Tan Sri G in the TV2 Fast Forward, and yesterday, it was published in The Star, inclusive of Dato' Yahaya.

Come 7/7/07, there will be about 50 cyclists ( i say will be because some confirmed, some 50-50 and some maybe) will cycle about 88km from RMC in Sungai Besi to Pulada, Port Dickson.

Here is some pictures which i managed to snap on Saturday. It was a slow ride and i spent most of my time behind the pack, as a sweeper.

Distance : 57.56km
Time: 2:39: 14
Ave: 21.6km/h
Max: 57.5km/h

Harry On MTB

Wet Wet Water la!

From Back to Front : Bandit, Azhar, Pedro, Harry

Carbo Reloading for some of us...

Trying to break speed limit

With Chips

Road leading to RMC...tranquility

After the cycling, i went to Sungai Besi town to get some Apam, Apam Balik and Air Tebu. This is one place when you could still get decent food at decent price. RM1.00 for 3 Apam is ok, considering that most places now charges 40sen for one and one whole jug of Sugarcane juice is only RM2.00, which is a good 2 liter!


The sugarcanes

it was a slow good ride for my run recovery. No complains as the company was great too.

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