Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Home - Kiara - Gym : 17km

I felt like i did some Half Marathon yesterday.

It all started when my mum called to tell me that she ran out of cooking gas (LPG) and the spare tank was, well, empty too.

Because i walked to office yesterday (and every other day, when i'm not going anywhere), i had to walk back, which is a good 1km away.

Disadvantage of staying in a condo is that your car will never be right outside your house. So, i had to park my car down at the basement, take the lift up, and bring along 2 empty LPG cylinder. Great workout for the delts i must say, especially when you carry them both simultaneously.

Give me 3 sets of front raise...

I went to the local grocery store and bought 2 units of 14kg LPG. Drive back and brought it up again; it's really like doing some shrugs and working the delts and bicep at the same time.

I was sweating by the time i put the tank into the cabinet for LPG and store the extra one behind at the wet kitchen.

3 more sets of Bicep curls with these loaded tanks should do the trick

Then, i walked back to office, a good 1km away.

Came back to office, not really had the mood to do anything, not even blog, which explain why there was only one entry (that also because it will generate some money for me), back up some pictures into CD (i'm doing some housekeeping at the PC, it's getting sluggish, time to back up everything in case it really goes down on me) and call it a day.

So, i walked back home, another good 1km away.

Total mileage covered so far was 4km.

Called wifey and tell her i'm going for a long run. Time to run further than just 14km or 15km. So i decided to try out the loop from Home to Kiara hill, and complete 1 loop at the hill, then run to gym. Total mileage was 17km, according to MapMyRun, which uses Google Earth software for mapping.

"You sure you want to run, it's gonna rain", wifey asked me.

"Nola, so bright here", i reasoned.

But deep inside, i was making a pledge with the Big Guy to not let it rain, well, at least not heavily like last Sunday.

Menu for the day...17km Run

Changed, gear up with the shuffle, bring along 1 bottle of 750ml of water and i was off.

I ran towards Taman Tun via Pencala Highway, headed to the park via the Mosque and went up Kiara Hill. Time was pretty consistent with what i did last Sunday.

Ran up the hill and actually felt pretty good about it. It helps having Engelbert blasting in your ears; Man Without Love, i'm sure not! I'm blessed. So blessed that it then started to drizzle...

Again, i reached the same place at the same time as Sunday. Turned left and ran the hill loop. Should be less than 2km actually for one loop, so shouldn't take more than 12 minutes, technically.

By the time i am done with Kiara Hill and back at the park, the rain has somewhat stopped. So did the Shuffle. It refused to turn on and i clearly remembered that i had it fully charged the day before. Kinda anti-climax as Jive Bunny was playing...

Keeping my finger crossed that it's just a minor hitch in the Ipod, i kept on running. By the time i reach Pencala Highway, i would had almost ran my usual distance of 14km. Soldiering on, i entered the tunnel and halfway through, i swore someone shouted at me, either to tell me i'm crazy to be running in the tunnel/highway or just for the heck of it.

And it was true, that someone was actually Songx and SoulPop. I recieved the call as i exit the tunnel, which also mark 15km ran. Since my Ipod was gone, i might as well entertain myself with phone calls, yeap, talk while running!

I reached the gym after running 17km and it took me 1:58:31 to complete.


Here are some stats:

Distance: 17km
Time: 1:58:31
Ave HR : 140bpm
Max HR : 162BPM
Kcal Burned : 2275Kcal
Recovery : 140bpm drop to 112bpm after 1 minute.

Straight i went on to the treadmill and started walking to warm down, something i seldom do actually. Walked for 30minutes and clocked 2.7km...

2.7km of slow walk...

So, in total, i've covered 4km+17km+2.7km in one day, that is 23.7km done in one afternoon.

Later that night, i tried to see if i could fix the Shuffle, the unit came back to live but the ON/OFF button wasn't working as it should. The unit refuse to be switched off! I sent it to the Mac store to see if it could be repaired/replaced as it's less than 6 weeks old.

Today is also Triathlon for Sukan Wanita Kebangsaan, Jaja and Faie should be taking part today at Cyberjaya. I wish them best of luck.

As for me, menu for today is to cycle, if i could leave the office by 5pm, then i will run to the gym and see wifey there before coming back home via her car.

Oh ya, wifey made me promise that i won't blog until i get my resume/CV ready. I better get that done soon, it's not funny to be this stressed up about a job, moreover when it's not paying.

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