Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ryan : 7 Months 2 Days And Crawling!!!


He has started to crawl! Initially he took some baby crawling step, much like you were limping on one leg (just imagine that you are walking, but hopping on one leg, now, imagine you are on all four and you are crawling on one knee) and yesterday, after bringing him down to the park with my cousin for some playtime, he started to crawl!

Ryan on swing...and loving it

I brought him down to the park after i finished cycling 30km yesterday, he love the to and fro movement, the above picture says it all, his mouth was open as mine was!

Next to us was my cousin, cheeky 4 year old girl she is. My mum has been babysitting her since she was 1 month old, she only go home on weekend as my aunt and uncle were working 24/7.

I believe i can almost fly...

I'm pweety!

Ryan loves to play, and whenever he chuckles, he light up everyone's world! Don't believe? then be prepared to be lighted up, see the video below...

Now see me and wifey's attempt to check his baby teeth out!

No, i'm not torturing my son, if any of you are wondering.

So, after the play in the park, i brought him back up home, gave him a bath and suddenly, he started crawling. Show off!

The videos below was taken this morning, to show all of you (that wants to see) how he doneDID it!

Attempt No. 1...Papa, my pants too slippery la

Attempt No. 2 ....bugger la this grip

Attempt No.3...Mummy took my pants off and Papa think i'm a dog playing fetch...

I get all fuzzy seeing him in the video, do all of you?

It's akin to see a lotus flower bloom...

Not bad huh my photo skills, taken using my K750i

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