Monday, June 18, 2007

House Keeping the Blog

Ive been blogging for almost 3 years 1 month now and over the years, i've accumulated tonnes of things which i don't think would be nice in any blog.

I admit, i've resorted to do online advertisment to earn some side income. I've pimped the blog with counters and all the scripts.

While adverts is a-ok since the advertisers are paying, some of the scripts aren't.

Advertlets - certified paying advertiser!

Will i even get there? I have RM9.59 in the account...long long way to go!

PPP Direct
Pay Per Post Direct, so far, no one wants me to review anything, not for USD1, so i upped it to USD25, Good thing dont' come cheap!

And i know most of you would had noticed some pop ups, which irritates the hell of of me (and you) and some even cause the browser to hang.

I'm trying to find out which is/are the script that does that and i suspect it might be the statistic counter which i installed at the bottom of my page.

Being kiasu, i installed 2 counters, one of them was recently bought over by some company, and that was when i thought my trouble starts. So, i hope by removing one of the counter, the pop ups does not happen anymore. Let me know if there is, still. Anyway, i do realise that these coutners are nothing but to boost your own online ego. sigh....

I'm also removing the preview script, i did find them useful at first, to view some pages before clicking but now, they are nothing but nuisance. There, it should clean up the pages better.

Also, the self loathing/praising buttons to ask everyone to vote for me for the certain awards, Lets face it, i will not be as popular in the blogsphere as most of the other people (even in Malaysia) that gets thousands of votes.

So far, i received only like 5 votes maximum for one category and 2 each for the rest. Did i tell you i voted once for myself in each of them???

OK, so this will have to go. If i ain't popular, then i ain't popular.

See, even my feedburner says that i only has less than 10 readers subscribing to my RSS. So unworthy!

So, there, i totally cleaned it up. I will do more house keeping as time goes by. Just like my fats, it's time to start trimming them!

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