Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ryan - Almost 7 Months

How very fast they grow.

Ryan is now at least 10kg in weight and outgrown most of his clothes we bought when he was a baby.

I'm a big boy now

He enjoy his solid food now, taking 2 servings a day of rice cereal, which sometimes me and wifey give with mashed carrot.

He is not a picky eater and eat whatever placed in his mouth.

He could sit really steadily since 6 months of age and has shown great effort in trying to crawl.

Cam whore!!!

It's will be soon before we have to move all the objects within his grasp.

He loves his bath time and demand to be in the water longer than usual.

Pin Up

He smile when you talk to him and loves the camera; he knows what a camera is for and he want to look good in the picture.

Everyone loves him to bit. My mum and dad couldn't put him down when they come visiting. Wifey's mum couldn't resist the same. His godma comes visiting often to see him smile and play with him, his godpa gets him things he don't need as yet.

Sleeping with his Poh Poh

All his aunts couldn't resist to pinch him and he attracts attention whenever he go.

Yes, and i'm talking about strangers in the lift which couldn't resist to baby talk with him.

And it seems that they all grow up so fast, isn't it? I already hear him and his siblings asking me and wifey for the car keys!!!

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