Tuesday, June 19, 2007

17km New Record

Did the 17km run yesterday.

Home - TTDI - Kiara - TTDI - Gym.

When i first did this run, i clocked 1:58:31.

Yesterday i did a proud 1:48:44, a good 9 minutes plus improvement! And i actually ran all the way to the Hartamas underpass and came back to Gym, compared to the usual turning into the Gym from the mainroad!

It's nothing to shout about for those than could finish 15km in time way less than what it took me to do 17km, but as i said, i simply can't compare myself with anyone. I run my own race. Improvement is for myself to see.

I noticed that i could run faster as well nowadays, instead of trying to kee my pace, i find myself pushing and maintaining my heart rate to be around 153-158bpm on the flat and push furhter while going up hills.

It certainly paid off as i reached the Kiara Hill, the so called mid point in 45 minutes, compared that the usual 50 minutes! I even reach TTDI park, marking 5km ran in 25 minutes!

Yes, i did feel like im gonna die at one point when running up Kiara. The lady joggers/hikers must be wondering why i'm breathing so HARD and SHORT, almost snorting as i make my way up Kiara.

I swore a few went more to the side to let me pass, even when i'm running in the middle of the road!

Here is the stats, if i recall correctly:

Time: 1:48:44
Ave HR: 155bpm
Max HR : 175bpm
Kcal : 2557kcal
Recovery 1st minute: 161-130
Recovery 2nd minute: 130-128
Recovery 3rd minute: 128-118
Recovery 4th minute: 118-115
Recovery 5th minute: 115-110

Got to work on my recovery rate. Maybe because i pushed harder than usual yesterday ( i actually pick up my pace in the final 2km), the heart was palpilating as i warmed down in the gym.

I make it a point to run faster on the downhill, the only way i know that i could improve on my time. Thanks to Azwar, which once shouted to me why "kau lari sentimental masa turun bukit", it echoed in my mind whenever i see any downhill and i make subconcious effort to run faster.

Oh ya, i have the Shuffle back, i got a brand new unit FOC. This is what i call customer service, Thank you Apple Malaysia!

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