Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tuesday Run

I did not update this yesterday.

Did a run from, the route was Home - Pencala - TTDI -Kiara - KLGCC - Gym. Covered 16km of distance, of which initially i thought was only 15km. The extra 1km was a welcomed surprised.

Home - Pencala - TTDI -Kiara - KLGCC - Gym

Wasn't really feeling well due to lack of sleep/sleepless nights but decided that i need the run, no matter what.

Here is the stats

Time: 1:41:54
Ave HR : 145bpm
Max: 166bpm
Kcal : 2057kcal

I did not do anything yesterday except picking up milk for Ryan and then went to buy Durian for my parents to eat with the Advertlets money i earned couple of weeks ago.


Claimed to be D13 variant, it cost me RM7/kg, the 5 fruits above was RM65, that works out to about RM13/fruits.

Was it good? Well, yes. I still smell of durian today, and i hope that smell won't offend the possible employer that i will see later today.

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