Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's Suicidal Stupe!

After coming clean with my Boss, i felt kinda difficult to breath. So when you have loads of things in you waiting to come out, what do you do?


I took the usual Home-Pencala Link route, but this time, rahter than going up Bukit Damansara, i decided to go straight, passing Jalan Damansara and towards Jalan Duta before turning off back to Pencala Link.

I thought it would had been further, distance wise. But i was dead wrong. (Dead is the operative word here)

Short of 1km...figure rounded up as distance was about 29.2km

As i enter the road where Victoria Station/fancy-memancy/swanky eateries were, and exited the backroad at Esso Station, headed towards Manu Life and turned up the flyover towards Jalan Damansara, i know i was in for some adrenalin rush.

After Office traffic.

I cycled pretty late yesterday, started only at about 6.15pm.

Traffic infront of KLSE and UN building was so heavy, it wasn't even funny.

Malaysians were oblivious to cyclist. I for once, felt how it is like to be at the lowest level of the food chain where traffic is concerned.

Cars were cutting queues, honks were blasted, vehicle stopping at the road side where the previous Ministry of Housing (where Department of Irrigation and Drainage was), Lorries were pushing their way through, cars tailgating so close and suddenly stopping, motorbikes shouting at you. Man, if i'm a mat rempit, i would had lived the moment...

Man, it was almost suicidal.

And yesterday, i felt that way.

But it felt good, should i get a job in the middle of the town, this is definately one way to cut cost and get some training done. Overtaking cars in traffic and reaching the work place earlier. OK, Earlier and Sweatier. So, whichever place i'm going next, they better have shower facilities.

Yeah, i know, like some headless chicken cycling

The distance was nearer than i expected it to be. My aim is to do 30km. But when i enter Pencala Link from Jalan Duta, i only clocked about 17/18km and the distance from there forth is less than 7km.

So, i decided to turn into TTDI after the tunnel, cycle until the last traffic light where the previous IBM (Now VADS) building is and u-turn back to Pencala and home.

And the result? I clocked 29km plus plus. The MapMyRun thingy showed i covered 29.32km, my meter showed 29.2km, i round it up to just 29km.

Distance: 29km
Time: 55.54min
Ave Speed : 31.1km/h
Max: 60.9km/h
Estimated Kcal Burned : 800kcal(?)

Then, as i finished the cycling, my Boss called. He was locked in the office without a key to get out as the downstairs grill was locked by the upstairs neighbour...

What is he gonna do when i'm not around anymore?

Jump down the window from the first floor? Are you crazy? That's suicidal!

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