Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Bak Chang is Boric Acid Free

Recently, there is news that the Bak Chang, or meat dumpling sold in some states recorded high level of Boric Acid which were used as preservatives.

Though i agree that yes, it does happen, even in the yellow noodle that we eat at the stalls outside. But do you know that the level of boric acid in those yellow noodles are way higher? That is the reason why if the food preparer doesn't wash the noodle properly, the noodle are usually bitter to taste?

Today is Bak Chang Day. What is the significant? Oh well, just lets put it this way, Chinese loves festival, it's about the only time they can eat without guilt.

"Eat, Drink and be merry", they would say.

Some Chinese believe the history is traced to the legend of Qu Yuan, a well-loved poet who drowned himself in a river. To stop the fish from eating his body, people made rice dumplings and threw them into the river, so fish eat the dumpling, not the body. I tell you, this is the problem with artistic people, too emotional!

Other Chinese believe the history is traced to an official called Zhang Zhongjing who created a food to help poor people keep warm in the cold winters during the Eastern Han Period. I think this is more logical, but as with all myth and legend, it's much open for debate.

About 1 month ago, my mum brought along 30 dumplings to my home. Home made. even the string used to tie the dumplings are biodegradable ie organic substance. Most people uses rafia strings to tie the dumplings, but as what we "ulu" chinese believe, we use what we have, and hence, the string is made from the leaves itself.


These stuff has no preservatives and we kept them inside the freezer, taking out only to steam for about 20 minutes before serving.

Made from glutonious rice, filled with chestnuts, meat, chinese mushrooms and beans, it's a very fullfiling meal, and sinful, as it's oily.

Human Dumplings

As my dad is vegetarian, mum has some made which are vegetarian. I enjoy them more than the usual non vegetarian version as i do not fancy pork as much anymore.

Imagine Ketupat with all the work inside

So, while some of you were unfortunate to be eating the boric acid laden dumpling, i have with me, the preservative free version.

But will i live longer? I doubt so, with diet like these, it's food to die for! Literally!

Well, if you are really worried, there is always ZENTEL!

My mum make us take this once a year, for as long as i can remember!

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