Thursday, June 28, 2007


This post might be the millions in the blogsphere and internet that will talk about the upcoming Transformer : The Movie.

Being an 80's kid and grew up watching cartoons like MASK, Smurfs, Fraggle Rocks, Jems, Care Bears, Voltron, just to name a few, one can't escape and not know about Transformer.

The tagline was also changed twice. From the original MORE THAN MEETS THE EYES to ROBOTS IN DISGUISE.



Back in those days, we all culd draw both the logos without refering to any artwork. I tried doing so yesterday, but i guess it comes with age, the memory part of me, i meant.

One thing that irk me most is why the upcoming movie shows Optimus and Megatron to be looking different compared to the cartoon?

Optimus Prime - Then

But of course, loyal follower would know that Optimus was killed by Megatron in a battle and The Matrix was passed to Ultra Magnus before Optimus dies, the leadership was then given to Rodimus (previously known as Hot Rod, why they change name, that one maybe inspired by Prince, or the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, or well, just a Symbol...)

Hot Rod before he becomes Rodimus

But the movie is showing Optimus as the leader in this movie, and he looked, different...not what i expect it to be!

Optimus Beng???!!!

Maybe the see too much of Pimp My Ride and also those Import Tuners thingy and sort of gave Optimus som very Ah Beng stripes...sigh...

I wouldn't had mind if Optimus looked like this even (as in picture below)

Optimus Prime - in his prime...

See, even Megatron got a makeover

Megatron - Then

I think the older Megatron looked more like a Megatron compared to the new one, which looked like a piece of scrap metal!

Transformer or Scrapyard?

Lastly, i got this video on the email from a friend. I know some of you might ahd seen this, but nevertheless, it's a pretty great effort and above all, i bet the guy is in his early 30's!!!! hahahaha!

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