Thursday, June 14, 2007

WTF Is Wrong? ITB? Shin Split? Stress Fracture?

A bit worried here.

Do i have the much feared ITB? Shin Split? Or i'm just too heavy for my joints?

I skipped running yesterday because i decided to give my legs a "treat" and let them rest for a job well done on Tuesday. Moreover, it poured at 4.30pm and it would not be wise to cycle by then.

So, i carried weights yesterday, working my Chest, Arms, Back and Shoulder all in one day. Doing chest and shoulder back to back.

3 sets of Bench Press and Military Press (weight 70lb -170lb for chest and 70lb throughout for shoulder)

Pyramid up 5lb to 40lb and back to 5lb with 5lb increment/decrement with minimal rest for Biceps.

Sets of Lateral, side and back raise to hit the delts, doing pyramid sets, from 5lb to 25lb at 5lb increment up and down with minimal rest.

4 sets of dumbell row, starting at 40lb working to 70lb with 10lb increment.

3 sets of nose breaker for triceps, working from 20lb to 40lb.

I skipped my legs, letting them rest.

BUT WHY DID THE PART RIGHT UNDER MY KNEE, in particular, MY SHIN BONE, hurts yesterday night?

It hurts at my tibia, right under my knee.

It hurts where my fingers are... :(

ITB? Shin Split? Knee Cap expiring? Stress Facture???

So, i decided to do some diagnosis myself, ITB is ruled out (phew!) because the pain is not on the outer thigh area leading to the knee.


Shin Split? Can't be, as Shin Split usually happens in the middle between the knee and ankle, along the tibia.

Shin Split location

Stress Fracture??? I REALLY HOPE NOT!

I will see if the pain subside later today. Could it be from all the running?

Just when i thought i'm making great progress. Sigh!

With less than 254 days to IM 2008, i really do not need this happening now.

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