Wednesday, June 13, 2007

PB 7.4KM + 5KM Interval Training

I did my PB (Personal Best) for the 7.4km run from home to gym yesterday.

Running without any bottle/water and the Ipod, with the rain beating down (i was hoping my mum won't nag me or wifey won't call me).

Covered the first 2km within 11 minutes over 2 hill climbs and finishing the whole 7.4km in 38:59 min. I previously claimed a 40minutes for the same distance, which i thought was already good (by my standard la, i know some people can sub 40minutes for 10km even!)

I came out of the tunnel, marking that i ran 5km in 32minutes. By then, i would had ran up 3 hills, longest being the 2km stretch from TTDI turn off until after the tunnel. It's uphill all the way.

Here is some stats:

Distance : 7.4k
Time: 38:59
Starting HR: 79bpm
Ave HR : 156bpm
Max HR : 173bpm
Kcal: 860kcal
Recovery 1st minute: 152bpm to 133bpm
Recovery 2nd minute: 133bpm to 118bpm

Damn high!

Workout log

As i've every intention to do a longer run yesterday, only to be marred by the heavy rain at about 4.30pm, i decided to make up the longer distance with higher intensity, so i did some HIIT.

1km - 10km/h
1km - 11km/h
800m - 10km/h
800m - 12km/h
400m - 10km/h
400m - 13km/h
200m - 10km/h
200m - 14km/h
100m - 10km/h
100m - 15km/h

Wifey was laughing at my half dead face as i gasping for air by the time i hit 14km/h. FInished the whole 5km in 27:44 mins.

Distance: 5km HIIT
Time: 27.44min
Ave HR : 151bpm
Max HR : 166bpm
Kcal : 584kcal
Recovery 1st minute: 164bpm to 137bpm
Recovery 2nd minute: 137bpm to 123bpm

Total distance covered was 12.4km yesterday. My resting heart rate when i wakes up in the morning today is a good 49bpm. Resting heart rate when i'm not doing anything is a good sub 58 consistently.

This meant i am getting into shape. I weight about 78kg now. Managed to shed off 2kg of solid weight. The other 2kg are mostly water weight, which flactuate in coleration with my water intake. My lowest i ever weight myself in the past 1 week was 77kg.

so, technically speaking, i got 3 more kg to lose and with that happening, i hope my timing for bike and run will also improve. I better consider starting to swim now as well. I'm giving myself 6 months from now to relearn my front crawl, i can't go breaststroking in all my future tri races!!!

Menu for today: If it doesn't rain and i can get off at 4.30pm : Bike 30k and run to gym via KLGCC. Lets see how it goes.

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