Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hansaplast Without Gauze Pad?

2 days ago, wifey's friend cut her small lil toe and rushed to the convinient store to get some plaster.

Those that grew up about the same time as me would recall that there is HANDYPLAST and now, there is HANSAPLAST.

Not to be mistaken as the same brandname though. HANDYPLAST is made my Smith & Nephew while HANSAPLAST is made by Beiersdort.



Now, when wifey's friend, ok, she is Leng Lui 1, opened the packaging and tear off one of the plaster. She got the biggest surprise in her whole entire life!

A plaster without any gauze pad???

Where can???

Don't believe???

See pictures below.

Packaging shows got gauze pad on each plaster...

No gauze pad!

Really, i'm not joking, no GAUZE PAD even in the unopened ones!!

I've written to Hansaplast through their main page, lets see if they ever/even reply. :)

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