Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Home - Hartamas - Home

Because i'm fat, i decided to do a first for myself.

Ran from home to Hartamas and back home again.

Total distance covered according to google earth was 14.41km. but i guess the total distance covered was close to 15km as i estimated the path inside the Pencala Tunnel. Satelite image can only see what's on the ground, not what's under the ground ie the tunnel.

Official road marker on the road says that the distance from the entrance of the tunne l(against traffic) going from home to the end of the other entrance (towards thetoll plaza) is circa 800meters and 900meters the other way around. Perhaps because of the curvature of the road.

Time : 1:36:40
Distance : +/- 15km
Max HR: 159bpm (looked pretty leisure to me)
Average: 154bpm (yeap, not even pushing)
Kcal burned : 2098kcal (about 1.5 plate of rice)

I guess it was my initial worry that i might not be able to finish the run that prompted me to pace myself slower than usual. It took me 46minutes compared to my usual 41minutes (against traffic) to reach the Gym area.

It's a start, now that i know just what i'm getting from the journey to and fro, i guess the next logical thing to do is to push myself to better the timing.

Today's menu will be weight exercises, time to work those flabby muscle. Leg deserves a break.

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