Tuesday, May 15, 2007

8KM Run Against Traffic

Did another 8km run on the highway. Same route as the previous one here.

Since Aini says that i should actually run on the opposite side of the road, ie against the traffic, i decided to give that a try.

I tell you. It's scary.

OK, doesn't help with me running at 6.15pm when everyone is coming back from work.

But still, it was scary. Scary because you see cars coming towards you. I make mental note and prepared myself to jump out of the traffic way should one joker decided to swerve his/her car towards me while driving and SMS-ing.

I lost count how many people i saw talking on the phone while driving, including 3 motorcyclists. Out of 10 cars, at least 5 were doing something else other than driving. 2 has kid on their lap while driving. Are these people insane?

OK, maybe that is what they think of me as well, to be running against the traffic at 6.30pm.

Yes, i'm insane. I'm motivated because i want to lose 5kg off my body and get rid of my Man Boobs.

Anyway, the run was good. It took me 44:44 to complete the run door to door. Maybe it's slightly shorter by 500meters when i ran against the traffic, it's still good improvement from the previous 51minutes.

I went in the gym and then ran anohter 15minutes, which i managed to cover 2.95km with at average speed of 12km/h. So, i did plus minus 10km/11km yesterday in time of about 1hour.

As of today, i'm still a fat 80kg.


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