Monday, May 21, 2007


I'm always below speed limit on the bike......

Thanks to all of us for ur words. Been a bit drama queen la last week. Now i'm not unhappy anymore, just FAT.

I guess it's better to be FAT than to be unhappy.

Wifey read the blog entry and LL2 also read it. For a moment i totally forgot that people read my blog. So, if i were to be unnessasarily emotional, sorry about that. Don't think i would relapse into these episode anytime in the near future.

OK, just as things started to get clearer for myself, i decided to go for a 30km cycle, which i secretly wanted to do a 60km (ie 2 round of the 30km route) on Saturday.

Was really pushing myself along the way and was averaging about 34km/h from Damansara Perdana into the tunnel and towards National Science Centre.

As i passed Security Commision and went under the underpass at INTAN/RSC, i felt some strange feeling on the front tyre and as i look down, it went POP!

Yeap...puncture number 2 since i started to ride this Colnago.

I just covered 10km of ride and this had to happen on a bright sunny Saturday afternoon.

Only 10.41km covered...

Ironically, i told wifey that i need to change my front tyre soon. The sides are cracking up and stones gets embedded really easily, taking out chunks of rubber in the process.

I stopped by the road side, right after the underpass and went behind the barrier for safety as i need to change the tube.

beyond repair...

I had with me 2 extra tubes, could never be too careful, no?

I had no problem changing tubes anytime as with other minor repair work, all thanks to years when i was moonlighting as a bike mechanic when i was doing my form 6 and college life.

One problem though, the problematic tire which should had been changed after the very last ride, took a beating, the nylon thread which acts as the tyre bead (which will hold the tire to the rim) was exposed.

I tried to repair it as well as i could to cycle back for at least 10km. I pumped in air up to maybe 50psi (my handpump could only handle that much pressure - must get a higher rating one for IronMan).

I decided to walk to the flyover at INTAN, then cut across the road and head down RSC and back home from there, no point trying to make any good average anymore with the bike condition as such...

200meters down the road, a loud POP came about again and i wasn't even cycling. I was pushing the bike! This time, i know for sure the cause of the tube blow up was because the rim, biting into the tube as the tire isn't sitting in it's place.

At that moment i know that even if i have 10 more tubes, i simply can't cycle anymore, and while running 8km every other day doesn't seems to bother me, pushing the bike for the next 10km on the cycling shoes with cleats does.


So, i reluctantly took my phone out and called home, asking wifey to come fetch me up. Ironically (again), i told Roland, LL2's husband, that i will not join him at Kiara because my MTB brake pads has worned out that he might see me tumbling down from the top of Jane's Addicition and Carnival route if i were to ride Kiara with him. I suggested for him to follow me do the road biking and now, 10.71km later, i had 2 punture and a tire which is as good as my MTB brake pad...

I need a part time job soon...

Told wifey where to pick me up on the phone. I stood by the road side, near INTAN's entrance, took both wheels off the bike and placed them on the road side...

Did i thought about quiting the sports?


scrap metal for sale

But i told myself i won't feel down or unhappy about these kind of things anymore.

"Nevermind la Ee-Van, you can always run the 16km tomorrow before church", i told myself.

"Uncle Ong has cheap replacement la, don't need to worry about the cost as much", i told myself again.

My legs won't quit, not now

Wifey came soon after, asked me what happened and i just shrugged it off. On the bright side, at least when i was gunning down that road at 40km/h when the tyre burst, i did not crash and got rolled over by any vehicle and became the next day's headline, right? So i should be grateful.

On Sunday, i set my alarm at 7am, to wake up and run to Hartamas and then back, covering about 16km, before heading for Sunday Mass at 10am. The alarm rang, i couldn't get up and i decided that i should just stay at home and spend time with Wifey and Ryan. Give training a break, maybe i need that.

And so, later that night, we went to sis in law's place and since i'm already FAT, i might as well stuff myself with more food. Afterall, there is nothing food can't cure, no?

murtabak, apam balik, apam, carrot cake, popiah, satay, otak-otak, assam laksa, kuey teow goreng, yau char kueh...Bangsar pasar malam

To date, the breadmaker has churned out 6 bread, so, now, cost per bread (if we decide to stop making anymore) is : RM68.33

Tonight we will make one more. Food is therapheutic and i'm now 82kg.

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