Monday, May 21, 2007

Ryan Of Petaling Jaya

Lawrence Of Arabia

Went to pick up my mum in law this morning, got home and wifey wrapped a napkin on Ryan's head.

"eh, i made your son to look like Lawrence of Arabia", wifey said, pointing to Ryan, sitting in the kitchen

I can't help it but smile as i see him drooling, with the napkin wrapped like a sheikh on his head. Can't resist it furthermore and i put the sunnies on his face...

Cool or not...

At 6 months old, Ryan could sit on his own without swaying around like humpty-dumpty. He could sit for an hour on his own in his cot and fascinate himself with the toys around him.

He could turn and toss around in bed from one end to the other, wetting the sheets with his drools as he does so.

He would look at food and know it's food and hope it would end up in his mouth as well.

We are feeding him 4 servings of milk everyday. Supplementing with 2 servings of baby cereal which he don't seems to get enough.

We plan to introduce some vegetables such as carrot and potato into his diet and let him have his first taste of fruit juice soon enough (but citrus and tomato is a no no)

It is such joy to see him smile, shout, scream and play on his own.

And it is even funny to see him fall asleep on his own as he gets tired of playing...




Check out the short clip below, of him doing the Drunken Master Kungfu as he battle with Mr. Sandman while sitting on the couch with me yesterday watching CSI...

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