Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lets Get Lean

This is a sponsored review: MyFitnessPal.com

I now weight 80kg. That is 176lb. Yes, i sometimes weigh 82kg, but those are fluactuating water weights. 80kg is my weight when i first measure it in the morning when i wake up.

But as it may had seems that i lost 2kg without any effort and just by sleeping.

My target is to get lose 5kg or 11 pounds. So, i could get all the help i can get.

I've been exercising religiously and it doesn't seems that my weight is coming down. I guess I missed out in the other key component.

It's my diet, to be more specific, i need to start calorie counting !

I was given a chance to review a website that offers free calorie counter and i signed up for it straight. I keyed in some of my details and how much weight i want to lose, apart from other vitals and here is what it recommended.

You nuts? losiing 2lbs a week???

Yes, i'm getting desperate. I need to lose this much so my knee would not suffer from any injury when i run. I am also a firm believer that having a lightest bike won't help if you weigh 10 times more than the bike. While fat helps with swim, i guess i could do without some natural buoyancy and just swim for it.

1510 calorie is my net daily allowable intake. This is a figure after taking into account my daily exercise calorie burned. So, usually, i will burn about 1000cal/hour at moderate effort, this seems achieveable as i do make sure my caloric intake per day is less than 3000 cal.

After you've signed in, you got the option to track your workout, to track your diet and also to monitor your progress. I must say this is pretty comprehensive already and as the namesake goes, it has a calorie counter.

So, my first entry was to enter what i had for breakfast, which is Milo, which is also, in my opinion, classified as Hot Chocolate. As i like my Milo as it is (ie without milk and sugar), i put in 3 heapful of spoon into it. Each spoon gives about 33grams and 3 makes 99grams. According to the Calorie counter, i've consumed 54calorie...

Not too bad!

We all know that to lose weight (and keep it off), you need to be in a caloric deficit state, meaning eating just enough to maintain your body function and at the same time exercising to burn off the excess that we ate.

So, MyFitnessPal.com with it's monitoring system might just come in handy to help you with your weight management and overall help.

Just don't cheat on the caloric intake, will ya?

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