Monday, May 14, 2007

Ryan : Sitting and Eating

Ryan is now almost 6 months, 4 days shy of being officially 6 months old to be exact.

He has been able to sit by himself since 1 week ago. Taking me and wifey by surprise when he actually did not "humpty-dumpty" himself.

Development wise, he is on par with what doctors predicted him to be, able to grasp object with one hand and pass it over to the other hand, in short, his mechanical skills has vastly improved. He could also reach out and grab things now.

On Saturday, me and wifey decided to see if he would take any solid food. We decided to introduce some baby cereal to him. Doctor's advice was to give him only 3 teaspoon maximum and work our way towards one small serving bowl.

We sat him in his Bumbo seat and it was as if he knew what was coming.

The baby cereal smelt like how our cereal would smell like, only finer and more gooey.

No coaching needed

Doctor told us not to give up if he rejects the food; which well, Ryan did not. It is as if he knows that the stuff we had at the tip of the spoon is edible. He did not even react funnily. All he did was to close his mouth over the spoon and swallowed!


He gobbled up the whole 3 teaspoon without even complaining.

And it was clearly not enough.

So we tried scooping up all we could from the bowl for one last one...

We then made the usual 7 oz of milk and we laid him down on his bed and he held the bottle on his own and finished it within 5 minutes.

Barney says Hi!!!

And he then dozed off in my arm....

picture of peace...and serenity...

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