Wednesday, May 09, 2007

IronMan 2008 Countdown : Reality Check

At the time of writing, it is really 289 Days 8 Hours and 48 Minutes away. My entry to IM 2008 is secured after having the early bird fee paid and cleared and confirmed by Ms. Lyn of LIEM.

To those that goes to the IM page and found the phone/addie not accurate/reachable, that is because it was not updated.

The Corporate Office of LIEM is at:

9E, 5th Floor,
Wisma Cai Yoon,
Lorong Medan Tuanku 1,
53300, KL

With less that 289 days to go, i'm yet to book any room or even book any flights to Langkawi. Air Asia is not selling the tixs at RM9.99 one way (not incl of taxes and surcharges). I must do something about this pronto and i guess i need to sit down with wifey and confirm it once and for all.

So, after 2 OD Tri (A'Famosa and Bukit Merah), and 2 more Tri to come (PD Tri and Desaru Long Distance) in near future, is this 4 races enough for my preparation for IM next year?

Throw in the Powerman race at the end of the year, i sure hope it would give me enough exposure to race the race of a lifetime come 23rd Feb 2008.

In the process, i need to run at least 1 more marathon, which i hope will happen in Putrajaya Marathon. I need to do more long rides in access of 180km to gain mileage. I need to start swimming more often, perhaps even taking up classes like most of my tri buddies do.

So many things to do. So many things to consider. I will only get one chance to do it next year, and i hope i would do it right. Finishing the race is my ultimate aim. 17 freaking hours, racing from morning till night just to try my luck to get IronMan to my name. Am i nuts, or what?

Will it be all worth it? To sweat and cry over 3.8km of swim, 180km of bike and 42km of run?

Pic taken from Faie's blog - first time i see myself so serious in race...hahahaha...

Hearing stories from first time IronMan finisher such as Azwar is heart warming. How he passed out and went back to run despite being told not to do so.

I have intention of starting a new blog to signify my journey to be an Ironman, but i'm not sure if i'm ready to abandon this one as yet. Or should i?

289 days is not very far away. Times flies and i hope, by then, i'm more than ready to complete the IronMan race.

Here is a collection of report from last weekend's Bukit Merah Tri.







Eugene and Eugene


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