Friday, May 25, 2007

Run Stupe Run


Distance: 7.24km
Time taken: 41:40

First time i ran starting at 7pm. By the time i reached Taman Tun turn off, the sky grew dark. By the time i exit the tunnel, it was dark! I never felt so vunerable while running before!

I've decided to run as fast as i could that day as i was running late to meet wife in Gym. Reached gym by 7:41pm and then went home straight as we need to go pack some food for my mum.

View from Run KM4-KM5, against traffic to Hartamas

Distance: 7.24km
Time: 40:16

Wow..same route the very next day and this time i pushed myself a bit more. Started running at 6.30pm because i was in Klang for some meeting. Shaved off a good one minute at least from the same distance compared to the previous day. Personal Best so far for the distance of 7.24km.

It started to rain a bit as i exited the tunnel and more reason to run faster. Furthermore, it's downhill from there until the final 800meters.

Felt good and headed to the weight room to do some weights, mostly shoulder and biceps workout.

It's raining as i'm writing this now. Might take a break from running today. But never know, if the weather permits, i will be running there, again!

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