Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Of Kenyir, Cycling, Cats Whiskers,Toman, Barracuda and PayPal...

One more incoherent posting, which is actually pretty coherent, depending on which way you (and I) choose to look at it.

Firstly, i'm skipping this weekend's Kenyir International Triathlon 2007. Reason being, it's logistically too far and it takes a good 5 hours drive one way just to race a 3 hours race and then drive back another 5 hours with the body all feeling beat up and tired. Chances of falling asleep on the wheel is pretty high and just in case i ended up on the wrong side of the road (and secretly hoping that a certain blogger will the there to photograph MY accident, so i can be famous without trying).

One less race for me this year...

Furthermore, it will not be cheap when it comes to the full logistic aspect of it. RM200 minimum even with room sharing. I know Ishsal is giving F Everything (that's F for FREE la) as long as you are willing to drive back with him after the race. But as i've made promises to wifey and Ryan that i'll skip this race, i better keep my words la. Furthermore, my bike is still in state of disrepair.

"Eh, fix your bike and go Kiara with my Husband la this weekend", LL2 told me this morning as i was trying to wake up over a cup of Kopi Peng.

"Aiya, my road bike tire also haven't change, where got extra to change brake pad?", i reasoned out with her.

At least RM35 to replace per set, that is RM70 for the complete bike brake pads...

Another RM30+RM10=RM40 to replace, plus RM10 to replace the replacement tube

For one, i'm really kiam siap (that's hokkien for stingy). It doesn't help with me running short of funds and wonder if i will get paid next month for my last month and this month's wages. I know some of you will say that my wife is one of the partner in Cats Whiskers and what's the problem, but that's not the point, really. If i want to get involved in sports which benefit ONLY myself, then it's unfair for me to take money from her, ain't it?

So, go help out, go shop at Cats Whiskers. They give 10% off for 3 normal priced items purchased and i think they still have some good bargain in all the shops. Go to their blog, which i helped set up for details.

Cats latest newsletter

With the paper announcing that the Goverment has just raised the civil servants' pay by 7.5% to 35% and the stock market reaching it's all time high, it makes anyone on the streets wonder if Malaysians are really doing that well. Doesn't help with all the plans in store for 9MP which "benefits small time contractors" and i'm sure, the call for tender over the RM90 million repair work for our Parliment "bocor" issue, seriously, how come small timer like me, which should be on the recieving end of all these projects, aren't getting any?

No wonder i put on weight because of these stress. (Yes la, go and laugh, i'm 82kg now, instead of having to lose 5kg, now i need to lose 7kg!)

Mac says that my statement that i looked fat is like saying Paris Hilton is flabby.

But dude, if she is flabby, she can get that fixed in an hour under GA and anywhere in Beverly Hills. Ask our resident Dr.M about it! (ok, he administer the painkiller, but the lipo is done by others la)

See, i'm getting incoherent again. OK, back to being coherent again.

Apart from the logistic part of Kenyir race, the other reason why i've decided to give Kenyir a miss is because Lake Kenyir is filled with Toman.

Toman? Snakehead! Yes the very same species which one of the US agency claimed to had been introduced by Asians to their local water, gobbling up all the natural species in their lake.

But we love our Toman!

Hi, my name is Toman, My dad is larger than me

Toman and Barracuda can be considered as cousins. Toman's family name is Channidae and Barracuda is Sphyraenidae, but both belongs to the Order of Perciformes(which also meant most fishes are cousins anyway).

But my point, really, is this : Kenyir is a big lake. Infact, it is so big that everything inside the lake is big. Have you seen how big some of the Toman is? Do you even know how deep is the deepest part of the lake? It's 145meter!. OKla, i know some of you have diving watch which can go as deep as 200meters...but you are not going diving, are you?

Who woke me up?

Not all of us has seen what a toman looked like in real life. But here in this blog, i went to google for some of the biggest one you've ever seen, and trust me, those at Kenyir are tauted to be larger! The pic below was caught in Thailand, the Giant Snakehead variant, which we have in abundance in Kenyir lake.


And have you seen a barracuda? Barracuda are known to had attacked human (though not fatal). They are mightily territorial. I saw how they almost wanted to attack 2 divers in I Shouldn't Be Alive on Discovery channel 2 days ago. (Dive Into Danger : Episode 2, Season 3)

Because they were adrift for more than 24hours in the sea, getting through the night and hoping the hammerhead sharks do not attack them was their main priority. And as you know, it's no fun to be IN the sea at night. One scene shows how a barracuda almost biting off their limbs and they only have the camera to ward off the attack. Barracuda view flashy thingy as silvery fish, and with the divers swimming at night, stirring some photoluminous planktons in the water, causes streaks of lights in the water, they were viewed as predatorprey for these 3 footer fish.

Now, how about a complete guide to get bitten by a Barracuda? Yes, there is such thing in the internet!!! Click Here

Just how big a barracuda could get???

Christmas Island catch in 1992 -85lbs

So, you see, my decision to not go to Kenyir was partly due to these facts what fishes could/would do to you.

Now imagine if your family jewel did get bitten by either fish...

Yeah, no balls you would say. Like how Ah Pek wrote about it. So, maybe i need this thingy to get back my manliness. Real man are not scared of fish la! They eat the fish!

saw the tortoise head???

Wait a minute, i did not eat fish, my lunch today is chap fan with half rice and 3 vegetables. Have to cut cost la, but still have to run this evening, need to stock up on energy also mah...

Sengkuang, french beans and lotus root...with kicap...

And one last thing, i got USD 80++ in my Paypal which i can't take out and another USD20 which was paid to me but i can't transfer it to my account. Clock is ticking and my hard earned review money might just be lost in cyberspace. So, for now, i will refrain from writing any reviews for any product or services until PayPal sort the problem out. Not fair la.

Speaking of which also, i'm due to get my first payment cheque from Advertlets and with that money, i can go repair my bikes!!! Yay!!!

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