Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh What Joy!!!

You know when you reach home, you see your son/daughter, you feel damn happy because they make you smile even without them trying.

I Can sit!

I feel blessed because Ryan is such that he will smile when he sees you. For him, which is now 6months and 2 weeks old, to react the way he did as if he know who you are, is such joy.

I know some friends which are married but do not plan to start a family as yet, citing economic and also personal preferences to delay the plan.

"Not ready la", most of them says.

What is READY and WHEN is ready? Even me and wifey can't answer that.

"You la, calculate wrongly", wifey lamented yesterday when we were talking about pregnancy.

"Why? got regret ah?", i asked.

We both know of course there isn't any regret.

Ryan is simply the best thing that ever happen to us at this point of time. We wouldn't trade this experience for anything else in the world. OK, maybe NOT everything, but close la. (You see, i still want to feel how it is like to be a champ in any Triathlon race).

Papa, want to smell and see if i Poo Poo?

Despite all the things that is happening around me and my life, there is always one thing i'm sure which will always be there; your own family. Just like how my friendship with my childhood buddies which stuck to me through thick, thicker and thinnest of experiences.

Just like how Ryan could make us all smile and chuckle over his antic. His brain is like a dry sponge, ready to absorb all the things given and taught to him.

No, we are not trying to teach him to streak, yet...

And what greater joy than to have your son sleeping with you in the afternoon?


By the way, Dumpling festival is around the corner, mum brought along 30 of these delicious dumplings, home made, for me to keep and eat. You see your mouth got water or not? The dumpling was so fresh that when it arrived, it was still hot from the steaming process!!!

LIke this die la...lose weight and putting it back on soon!

So, you see, I've always believe that what goes around, comes around.

Today's good deed will be rewarded and paid forward by others.

Just like how Geoff would say "Make the world a greater place to be!"

Lets make this world a better place!

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