Monday, August 24, 2009

GoodYear DuraPlus

Goodyear has recently released a new set of tires called DuraPlus. The main selling point of this tire is that it could last or "durable" for up to 100,000km.

That is a big number for a tires and i would say it is designed for high mileage drivers (someone that could use up 100K km within 3 years, perhaps?).

I recently purchased a set of 4 of these tires and has since driven close to 1500km with it, with two outstation trip and one on a long winding stretch across Genting Peras to Klawang, and back.

My Matrix is shod with 185/65/R14 DuraPlus and one noticable differences would be the plush ride. When i took the delivery of the tire, the sidewall "softness" was the first thing i noticed. I guess that might had translated to the more than plush feel to it.

This also meant that the handling suffers a bit. But i am driving a soccermum car, so it is not some performance car that is badly matched with a set of inappropriate rubber.

However, last weekend ride to "resque" a fellow cyclist brought me up and down the infamous batu 18-klawang road. Those that plies this road, or driven on this interstate trunk road would know what kind of road condition this is. Genting looked easy compared to this.

I was suprised that the tires held really well, despite the heavy rain and the amount of water it displaces as i ran over a few puddle might be good indication that the water dispersion ability of this tire.

I have no complains, more so when i got it off for a bargain.

However, because Paul Tan of have a competition to win a set of these tires, i don't mind trying. More so because Wifey's car tires (Goodyear Ducaro, which claims to last up to 70k km) are due for replacement.

It would be cool to have both husband AND wifey's car shod in the same type of is like those couple going out wearing the same t-shirt, no?

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