Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ironman to Lembekman

I went for a sports massage today. Hoping this will spring me back to the road of recovery. I've been under stress and under pressure at work, add that to stiffen up muscle and non-performing races.

I always thought i am tough. I used to laugh at those that has to go for recovery massage, those that do a little and end up justifying it with something bigger. I guess i approach the sports wrongly moons ago. Infact, this year was my worse ever year when it comes to sports.

I can still do the 10km run, no doubt. I can even play around going back and forth and still clock in good timing. However, from Ironman this year till Desaru last week, it was in a state of bad decline.

I needed help.

After asking around, i was refered to this place that does sports massage. No doubt there are a lot of different massages out there; those that range from massage for post pregnancy to massage with "happy ending".

This is my first time going through a massage. I am ticklish. Which was my biggest worry before i decided that i needed one.

But the pain and stiffness i have to bear someone blocked off the ticklishness, if ever that exist now.

I made an appointment at 10am, but reached only at 10.30am, half of the reason was because i do not know where the place was. KL Sentral was easy to find, but Sooka Sentral - who in the world name a building SOOKA?

I walked into the place on the 3rd floor. Equal Fitness. OK, doesn't looked like some hanky panky place, what more, they pride themselves since 1995 to be "official supplier of masseus for the Commonwealth Games".

I signed up for the whole body massage at RM120. I was lead to a small room, with a bed that has a hole, which i supposed for the face to go through. I was asked to change/strip.

I went wearing a thighs, as i do not know what to expect, only to be told to strip to my undies. I wasn't wearing undies dude.

The towering figure, which was nicknamed as Giant told me it is ok. Yes, they assigned a huge fler to take care of me. he was easily 4 inches taller than me with biceps way bigger than mine. I figured out i will be in good hands, literally.

The massage started with the calfs, then to the thighs. Right left, left leg. Generous amount of oil was used.

"bang, jangan lawan, relaks", Giant said, asking me to relaxs and not stiffen my muscle.

I did not stiffen my muscle, i am that stiff.

From then on, i was grimacing as he untied all the knots from the achilles heels, calf, quads, hamstrings, inner thighs.

Tears rolled down my eyes. Luckily it was hidden.

Giant said that i am so stiff, it is a wonder i could still walk up and down a stairs.


With legs done, i had my back worked on. More pain. More tears. My upper back was as hard as a piece of iron - still flexible, but with difficulty in moment. I would had imagine Giant grimacing as he tries to pry those shoulder blades and arms open.

"Tulang ke?", i asked as he rubbed my shoulder blade, thinking what he was massaging was my bones.

"bukan la bos, muskle dengan lactic acid", He told me it was muscle and lactic acid build up.


What transpire after that was like an re-enactment of a scene from the American Hottest Pursuit as he twist my arms backwards while trying to free up the knots from my shoulder to the end of my fingers.

But he was still gentle, in his own ways.

I found out that Giant recently just graduated from sports science from a local university, and he is one of the permanent staff at Equal. They have 3 male and 4 female consultant ready to deal with any people coming in feeling like they were bunched up like a ball.

After what seems to be double arrest with both my hands being tied behind my back, he asked me to turn over. And my legs were worked on again. This time, with much stronger force. I swear i felt my quads splitting into four with each individual quads being forced open and lactic acid being drained out.

Only this time, i don't get to hide my face and the tears.

I tried moving my legs. It was dead.

I had my chest massaged as well. Swimming had tighten up my pecs. I had my neck and shoulder contorted in such funny position, but it ended up giving me so much relief.

I felt rejuvenated. But i felt like a bunch of seaweeds being pushed around by waves.

The massaged lastest more than 60 minutes. Which was a big bonus.

Giant did what he had to do, and he did it well.

I paid and staggered away, light headed, with body felt so much more less stiff.

Good thing i took the LRT.

This was my first sports massage, and it won't be my last. They have package, 3 for RM200, valid for three months and up to 10 massages for RM800, valid for 12 months. Else, it is RM120/hour for full body and different charges for different bodyparts.

Check them out at their website.

There were mixed review of the place, but i guess massage is very subjective. For me, it was good enough, and an enlightenment. I will certainly make it a point to go for more, especially after major long races.

To my fellow buddies with same wavelength training hard, don't wait up, carry on what you are doing.

I will catch up, soon.

That bad eh?

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