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Audioflood Waterproof iPod : Unboxing

Many I know asked me what motivates me to swim laps after laps after laps in my preparation for Ironman Malaysia. For me, it is something that i can't swim away from and have to do it. What many do not know is how boring it can get after 10minutes and all you hear is your own breathing and same view in the pool (of lane lines and end of the pool wall). Yes, you may say it "builds character", funny thing is the very same people telling me that aren't swimming themselves - or at least they too lamented how boring it could be.
Then, I receieved an email from Audioflood asking if I would like to review their product - a waterproof iPod Shuffle that you can swim or use with any activity without worrying about water damage.
The correct term would be to "open the envelope". The Audioflood came to me via USPS all the way from US of A.
Thank you!
It was tough trying not to open it in office as I wanted to do it at home. But alas, I could not resist it and did it right before I headed home. I took the opportunity to take a video of the unpacking just to show what came with the Audioflood iPod Shuffle. Here is a short video of the unpacking.
TO list it down, the package arrived and it contains:
2. 1x waterproof earphone come with extension cord for use in normal setup
3. 6x different set of customised earplugs to fit different ear-canal size with 3-sets meant for underwater application and 3-sets for use as normal earphone.
4. A mesh bag to hold everything
5. An Audioflood swimcap
6. A small tube of super-glue (in the video, i was not sure what it was for) to hold or permanently stick the chosen earplug to the earphone. 
All laid out
Here are some photos which is self explanatory:
The various sizes of earplug to fit different ear canal width and depth, with 3-sets specific for swimming
Close up of the waterproof earplug
One thing to note, the earphone comes in a coiled up cable that help with the cable management once you plug it into the iPod Shuffle and into the ear. You then clip the Shuffle to your swim goggle strap (back) or you have the option to hide it in the (supplied, or your own) swim cap, which may make your profile more streamlined when swimming.
Comparison of size with my thumb
I was given a choice to choose the color of the Shuffle by the good people in Audioflood and opted for Red because I wanted something red. To my surprise, it is the (Product) Red iPod Shuffle!
(Product) Red is an effort by certain brand and goods manufacturer to contribute part of their sales for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa. While I did not purchase this product, I now have better appreciation of this product under review!
So, without myself knowing it, I now have a special edition Audioflood iPod Shuffle in Red - as if having a submersible iPod is not special enough!
The iPod Shuffle comes as per how every single iPod Shuffle that you can purchase from Mac store or online would be. Equipped with original Apple earphone, a charging cable (USB), manual and the iPod itself.
The complete package unpacked
Specification of the Audioflood Waterproofed iPod Shuffle:
- Highest-rated waterproofing with 2-years warranty (I will clarify if the warranty is valid for countries out of US later)

- Waterproof down to 250feet in salt and fresh water. You may now listen to music while...diving? Most "waterproof" headphone/earphone is good up to 6 feet. What if you drop it on the deeper end of the pool? ;-)

- Supplied with two types (and 3-sizes each) of earplugs for normal operation and swimming operation. This allow the swimming earplugs to mitigate the issue of water getting into the ear canal and the earphone, thus muffling the music.

- 2GB and able to hold approximately 400+ songs (provided you do not store Hotel California or Sultan of Swing in loop as each file is at least 7mins long!). Closest competitor offer 4gb worth of space.

- playback battery life of 15hours (that's double the time of the closest waterproof competitor)

- Build in clip

- Voiceover (dedicated) button

- Small, about inch by an inch (official size : (29.0 × 31.6 × 8.7 mm) including clip)

- 12.5grams (closest competitor is easily double the weight)

- Charges in 2-hours (80%) and fully charged in 3-hours. This is double the time taken for the closest competitor.
Small and light. Hardly "there"
The unit was then charged and I sync-ed the iPod Shuffle with about 60 songs of more contemporary genre (yes, i cleared all my Elvis' and Frank Sinatra). I am impressed with the smaller footprint and are more worried about losing the unit in my bag. The true short-cord earphone secured the whole unit without any loose cord while secured to my shirt collar! It's "hardly there".
(Top to Bottom) The earphone jack, the Voiceover button and the Power/Playback selection switch
Next, The Unit in full action :
Taking it into shower, Pool and deliberately drenching myself with water because I do not need to worry about causing damage to an Apple iPod Shuffle, ever! 
Full review soon!
Product is under review in all possible wet condition and what interest me is how it will behave in the water both sound quality wise and if the unit will create more drag that it should. Back to the pool it is!

Wait up for the full write up.

nb: This unit of Audioflood waterproofed iPod Shuffle is provided courtesy of by The unit sell for USD125 iPod Shuffle only and USD40 for waterproof earphone; or you can bundle them and pay USD140 for both iPod Shuffle and earphone. Head over to Audioflood official website here to order (If you are outside of US and is interested with this, let me know and I will hook you up or give suggestion on the international delivery options).

This unit Review is independent and not influenced by AudioFlood and review opinion is my own.

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