Monday, March 31, 2014

Ironman Preparation Over 24 Weeks

Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya is just around the corner. It is my A-list race. A race that will gauge my prepareness for Ironman Langkawi in September and it will allow me a chance to fine tune my training and continue to improve in my dream and hope of racing outside of Malaysia one day. My last few weeks was void of update in the blog due to one main reason - work.
Week 22 7:50:16 248.09km

Week 23 9:05:11 264.02km

Week 24 5:46:44 191.70km
Tough Time Don't Last
Things changed recently at work with the team growing and the work pilling. I find myself back in the similar opportunity about 5 years ago. However the biggest difference is that I am not reporting to anyone in-country now. So there is one or two less level of decision making. It is liberating if you ask me. Trading this off would be losing some precious time that I've established over the past 2 years on "moving away from things that doesn't matter past 6pm". Increasingly, I see the opportunity presented to me as a recognition and has been asked to provide a "succesion plan" within this year as to allow me to move to a more challenging role. I know many would had love to be in my position. Previous experience has taught me that many too, will hope to see you fail. For me, this is a job at worse, a career at best. I am giving this to turn into a career, third time around.
But Tough People Do
Mentally, I do not see myself handling stress as well as I thought I could. My wife knows me best and she knows when I am stressed and mentally pushed. She went through the worse part of the time where I have nightmare and address her as my "project manager". Waking up in cold sweat about the thoughts of being blamed for all (other) failures while swallowing my own. Those were the days I hope I do not and will not go through again. Alas, I learnt that all these is a choice. For me, my passion in triathlon, blogging (and social media), branding and photography will not pay the bills at home. Not even going to pay for the kids' basic education, what more to ensure food are placed on the table everyday? 
The sweat (certainly) doesn't pay bills
Looked like what I am lamenting here are the usual things that many of us find hard and struggle. I do not see myself as everyone else and I certainly would not allow work to hinder my progress in sports and family. Something got to give, unfortunately and at this point of time, it could very well be the reduced effort to write in this blog. What used to be a daily affair will likely see publishing once a week or at most, three times per week. We are on an interesting journey here and there are still so much to learn and share. Stay tuned to for more write ups. More to come from me both in life and this virtual extension of myself. 

Carpe Diem!

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