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KT Tape : Unboxing and Quick Review

KT Tape Range of Products
What started off as a conversation during the 2023 KLSCM REPC at the KT Tape Sunlight Marketing booth was that they will consider signing me up as one of their ambassador. A few conversation took place with expectations alignment. Truly it is never a one-way street when it comes to being supported by brands. For me, no matter if the brand name is big or small, it is the value that the relationship brings that is mutually beneficial - not just for the brand and the ambassadors, but taking into consideration of my fellow followers in social media and also friends in real life. 

Thank you KT Tape Sunlight, DC Anson of APEX Chiro and BigBigPlace

When KT Tape under Sunlight Marketing pinged me up, and requested for me to join them and BigBigPlace for a Kinesiology Taping class (using KT Tape) conducted by Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) Anson of Apex Chiro, I can't say no. It was the beginning of a relationship with the KT Tape brand.

Discount Code For Purchase of KT Tape products:

So, before I go on further, from today APRIL 1, 2024 until JULY 1, 2024, you can get 15% off with no minimum purchase.  In the detailed breakdown below, i put link to each product so you can check them out without having to search them. They are all from authorised McDavid online store, which carries all KT Tape products.

McDavid @ Shopee <-- Full range of KT Tape and all other products

McDavid @ Shopee

Example I purchase the KT Tape Original, priced at RM49 below. Put it in my cart, check out and then Use the code MCDATRIS3 at this arrow spot. You will get 15% off. If you have free shipping, you get savings, and if you have coins, you get even more savings.

Enter Code MCDATRIS3 here

15% off no lies and not April Fool joke

If you do not have a Shopee account and want to purchase with discount, you can also get them from McDavid's Online store here: It also carry full range of items and 15% off using the same MCDATRIS3 code.

No lies, only love

Onwards to Unboxing
I know not many would want to read long posting nowadays, so best to put the discount upfront so everyone interested will benefit. Now with that out of the way, lets have a look on the products that was shared with me from KT Tape Sunlight Marketing.

What is in the box:
5 rolls of KT Tape Pro
1 roll of KT Tape Pro Oxygen
1 roll of KT Tape Original
1 roll of KT Tape Pro Jet Black
1 KT Tape Starter Pack
1 set of KT Tape Blister Prevention tape
1 set of KT Tape Blister Treatment
1 set of KT Tape Pro X Patches
1 gel stick of KT Tape Chafe Safe
1 roll on stick of KT Tape Pain Relief
1 tube of KT Tape Pain Relief Gel
1 device KT Tape Recovery+Wave device

Lets go through each items one by one and I will share the highlights on things that I wanted to know, so you do not need to read everything to know (haha, make sense?)
KT Tape X-Patch, Pro Wide, Pro Oxygen and Duo Pack with Pro
1. KT Tape Original
The OG. Cotton based, latex free adhesive. Last up to 3-days. Multiple colors available. So make sure to check the range out. Can withstand sweat, shower, usual activities. RM59 for a box of 20 pre-cut strips of 10 inches length. Option to get them as Starter Pack for RM49, comes with assortments of other KT Tape Pro, or as Duo pack, with 10+10 strips of Original and Pro for RM89. Tested and it lasted 2 days.

2. KT Tape Pro
The Synthetic tape. Latex free. Can be worn up to 7 days. Can withstand sweat, shower, usual activities. Multiple colors available. So make sure to check the range out. Standard roll comes in 20 pre-cut strips of 10 inches at RM99. Option for X-Patch which comes in 15 ready to use "X" for targeted application for RM99 as well. Comes in Wide which comes in 20-precut of 3inches x 10 inches long also for RM99. Tested and it lasted me 4 days
KT Tape Pro in 5 colors 
Pro-X and Pro-Wide

3. KT Tape Pro Oxygen
The new tape on the block with Celliant Technology that convert heat on the body to Infrared heat to further enhance recovery or pain management. Only comes in Titanium color. KT Tape Pro Oxygen comes in pack of 20 pre-cut strips of 10 inches long for RM119. Tested and lasted 7 days.

Pro Oxygen

4. Blister Management
Trio of goodies that included a set of Blister Prevention Tape that comes in 20 precut of 3.5inches x 1.2inches strip for RM59, Chafe stick that can last up to 24hours per application for RM45 and in case you still get blister, a set of 6 Blister Treatment set for RM45. Not tested yet, as no blister. People with thick skin usually has minimal issues :P
Perhaps to test sockless on my Brooks plated shoes
5. Muscle Rub and Roll-On
We all know the enemy of these Kinesiology tapes could be oil-based rub that literally strip the adhesive off these tapes. KT Muscle rub and gel is water based and suitable to be used ON the tapes. KT Recovery+ Pain Relief Gel (RM39 for 100gram) can be used with the KT Tape without compromising the adhesion to skin. If you do not like liquid like rub, a roll-on applicator may just be the thing you are looking for. KT Health Pain Relief Roll On Gel is RM69 for 89ml. Tested both and works really well. Long lasting cold and warm sensation. Not messy and do not mess with the KT Tape.

Super cooling and last long
6. KT Recovery+ Wave
Sound like pseudo-science product of the early 2000s but this device has proven to has relief pain and aid in recovery. Clinically proven and FDA cleared. Device emits electromagnetic pulse that are no-sensation (think of those EM patches that "jolt" muscles with bulky machines and messy wired patches) and safe to be used everyday. It has an on/off switch. Can last up to 250 hours or 720 hours depending on which version you have. I have the 250hours version.
I am convinced

I was 100% skeptic; and after 26hours of applying it onto my troubled right Achilles tendon, waking up the next day with almost zero tightness, I am a believer. I will have a separate write up on this. Tested and work. 

Two version available
720 hours here for RM309

I was skeptical
Only caution is to tape the area where the main module touched the skin. I had blister due to the edges rubbing 

Not on Parole yo

7. KT Tape Pro Extreme - missed out in packing list
What wasn't shown in today's list is the Pro Extreme where it can be used for more vigorous activity and in extreme weather and exposure to water element. The KT Tape Pro Extreme is available in 20 pre-cut strips of 10 inches for RM109

I believe I have covered almost all the KT Tape products but I know there is more. The opportunity to be part of the KT Tape family under Sunlight and McDavid is a privilege I can't be thankful enough, especially that it is surely converting me to be a believer that kinesiology taping does work when applied correctly. Here is how I taped my daughter's knee with a minor meniscus tear. It has been a week and she has commented that the knee felt way better and she is ready to introduce strength and weight bearing exercise to build the muscle around the knee area to further support it.

Thank you KT Tape Sunlight Marketing for this box of goodies that I will continue to use and feedback, share and educate myself and those around me on the benefit of Kinesiology taping and injury recovery and prevention!

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