Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Going Bananas Over Nike Lunar

I've stated before in my previous entry, that Nike Zoom Victory+ took over from Nike Victory Spike.

DO you even know how heavy is that Victory Spike?

Hold your breath.

It is 93 grams.

And that is freaking lighter than a banana.

See Here

or the banana skin.

If you are a lover of anything this

Now, how in the world did the spike get so freaking light?


It was extensively reviewed by me in the Victory+ entry here

This feature singlehandedly made the Victory+ a cool 12ounces heavy. That is just a good 60 grams heavier than the lightest shoe i have (Pearl Izumi Streak).

But this entry is not about Victory+.

It is all about the Lunar range.

Aptly named. These shoes are LUNAtically designed.

LunarTrainer weighs in at 10.1oz and LunarRacer comes in at a light 5.3oz.

That is an insane 150 grams.

I kid you not

Nike previously lightest racer is the Katana and it comes in at a good 20grams more.

150grams is lighter than your average paged daily newspaper.

FlyWire was evidence through out the LunarRacer and this has contributed to the whole weight saving issues for any gram-grannies to drool and saliva over.

The LunarTrainer, clearly missing the FlyWire feature, comes in at 10.1oz, that is a good 10 grams lighter than Pearl Izumi's Streak.

Both Lunar shares the same LunarLite sole that comes with BRS1000 rubber for greater durability.

In comparison, on heel strike, the Lunar registered a 10G force shock and the Katana (with the already plush pillowy sole) took a 12.9G force.

That is as good as you strapping pillow on your feet and run with it.

The recipe for the ultra lite sole was shared with us yesterday, but i could not divulge anymore to you as i was told that by doing that i won't be getting anymore seedings material. But lets just say that it's a combination of one synthetic material with one natural occuring material.

Each of us yesterday was given a pair of Nike LunarTrainer+ for test ride.

The colour was the first thing that you will notice.

Fluorosent yellow sole on white upper. You can't get anymore pimped that this.

Plus, compared to Victory+, there is a huge reflective material that runs on the front of the shoe...would definately light up the morning/night (depending when you go running la).

Flexibility wise, this shoe is as flexible as Nike Free, losing out by just one degree. Closest competitor were those Bowerman series where it has flexibility of only 32 degree.

The short 4km run which we took yesterday did not last any longer than 22minutes. With people like Kim Yap, Sam Pitchard and gang, Jamie Pang and even Shahrudin, anyone running with this pack will definately suck in their tummy and lift up their legs.

True enough. I found myself panting (and struggling to keep up the pace) while people like Shahrudin did not even break a single sweat. Mutant.

The Trainer were plush. One of the more plush shoe i've ever worn. I know know what it meant to be running on pillows. With my heavy 78kg weight, the shoe sure got some heavy cushioning to be done. As it is light, i am almost running barefooted.

The energy return was really good. Running up the hill near Mutiara Damansara to Damansara Perdana was such joy as i even managed to lift my legs up while running up.

I hardly felt that the thinner than usual sole (almost rivaling Pearl Izumi's) doing funny things to my heel strike or my stride. I felt as if i was wearing a thicker trainer. The closest i could compare this to is either the Pegasus or the Izumi, where both were plush and give considerable support and rebounce.

Despite having a blister that isn't healing still, i was more afriad i would stain the shoe with the pus and blood which were still wetting the gauze and socks i'm wearing. I went to buy some thicker gauze and micropore tape to ensure that it won't happen.

I hate to have a dirty shoe. Especially this one.

Nike LunarTrainer will only be available in October 2008 in the market. If you are in the lookout or planning to get one by then, keep a lookout for this shoe. I can tell you that it will be worth the money you spend, if performance, light-weightness and bling factor are what you are looking for.

These shoes will put you to the Moon, if you can reach it.

By the way, you can start breathing now. Sorry i forgot to tell you to breath after telling you all how heavy the Victory Spikes are.

Fly Me To The Moon, Please!

RRP for Trainer - RM389 (available in October 08)
RRP for Racer - RM439 (No date indicated)

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