Sunday, August 17, 2008

Desaru Tri 08 - Truly Disappointing

In case i don't get to update on Monday, decided to just update now.

I just got back from Desaru. Cleaned up the gears and put fresh new dressing on those blister wound.

My time split for this year's race:

Swim - 55 minutes
T1+Bike - 3Hours 5 Minutes
T2+Run - 2Hours 46 minutes

When i came out from the water fast and early, i thought i could had set a PB. The bike was predictably hot, unlike last year where it poured the last 60km.

Bike Average speed was 30km/h on the dot.

Run was a limping slow run.

Everyone i lead in the swim and bike caught up with me and overtook me as if i were walking in the park.

I will give the blister wound a few more days, then i will decide if i should seek medical attention. It is obviously infected and the flesh around the blister is tender and pounding.

But that is hardly an excuse to be finishing in a slow 6:46 this year, that is a 6 minutes off my 6:40 target...and i thought that 6:40 is already bad enough.

No promises if i will write more about this race. Enough said that it is one of my worse race - after having been racing in Triathlon for the past 4 years.

And this is my 4th year in Desaru. WTF was i doing?

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