Monday, February 11, 2008

Faceoff : AirStructure Triax 10+ vs. Supernova CSH 7

This morning, i literally put both the shoes head on, side by side.

I can't figure out which pair to bring for IM08 and this is one way for me to decide.

While both shoes has it's pros and cons, there is a decision to be made and it had to be made right!

I put both of them on my leg, one side each, though, for today's morning run with Shazly and gang.

I guess some might say i'm nuts for doing so; risking injury at the same time. But in the name of testing and so that "i-can't-blame-the-tools-but-myself"...

So, what's the initial outcome?

The Supernova felt cushier and the heel strikes were really conform to my running strides. The Nike, on the other hand, was more stiff.

I swear there were differences in propulsion as the leg takes off respectively.

The Supernova really absorb every single pounding this heavy 74kg body gives to the knee. The sound of the shoe landing on the ground was distinctive with the Triax being louder.

One thing i can tell you from the testing today is that the adiPRENE and the Formotion features in Supernova works.

For the Triax which i ran a marathon in, it's also there with Supernova, just lacking in cushioning to a certain extend. Again, it's really personal preferences as some too cushy shoes are not liked by others.

However, with both the shoe at the same retail pricing (and in my case, both FOC)...i would say i will bring the Supernova to IM. It has the edge over the previously favoured Triax! (But just in case, i will wear the Triax there as well)

Supernova just had the edge...somehow...

Post note 29 Feb 2008 : I was told that comparing Triax 10+ with Supernova is akin to comparing Proton Persona and Toyota Vios. To have a fair comparison with the Supernova would be the Vomero. The same person told me that the coming Nike shoe model would literally "blow you away" with whole new 180 degree innovation and new material. Stay tuned for more "insider" info.

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