Tuesday, February 05, 2008

700th Post

This is my 700th post in this blog.

And this is a flash back for the past 1 year, since this is, afterall, the 700th posting.

The route for the IM08 Bike has changed.

3 Weeks before the race.

thank you Arif

The veterans says this will be harder compared to the last few years.

Not that it makes any differences to me, at all.

IM08 is something i've committed myself to do. Something i proudly tell my bosses that "this is my passion", when one of them saw me running at 5am in the morning as he comes back from the one of their trips.

"ah boy, you father now la, why you doing all this?", my mum asked, obviously worried about me abusing myself.

"MUTANT!", said some.

"OVER-RATED", i can hear some of the veterans says.

"IM is not play play", I recalled Mr. Chan said to me in early March last year.

"17 hours???", said a friend that works 18 hours a day.

Let the swim be worse than Desaru's "Washing Machine" like. Let the biking be "Broga Classic" like or even "Morib Flat" like. Let the run be all the "Double Hills" like or forever be like "Bukit Damansara" like. It seriously makes no difference. Or differences with a capital D.

The only thing i see essential come race day is mental strength. Loads.Of.It.

With 2 weekends left, there isn't any "miracle" training i could do. Worried? Of course. Freaking out? Absolutely.

There is no way i will say "NO". Not when i had to squeeze the pocket a year ago when i register for this race. Not since i put my mind on it. No way. No way. No way.

I've been training hard whole year long. Big Mileage (which to some are just warm up stuffs), sweat buckets and even thought of giving up. Yeap, i've even have 2 entries on quitting here.

I'm afterall, a self proclaimed triathelte. I was never a sports person to start with. I can't kick ball for the hell of it.

Surin Says "Kick the ball, not the goal post"

I've not scored tries in Rugby over the years i played. (iv'e not been playing for so long that i don't even have any pics to show!)

I never can run more than 5km 4 years back.

I learnt to swim as i was drowning when i was 11.

I cycled because i was never given a bicycle when i was growing up (it's often "You Must Get Number 1 then papa and mama will get you a bike", well, which i never did manage, not with those genuises around anyway).

ask you go study, you go do all these things!

With my obviously larger than normal size when i was younger that i use my strength (should had instead use it to extort money back then) to win those "sports" event.

That was when i took up bodybuilding. Packing up up pounds after pounds of weight, which i later realised was fat, rahter than muscles. I weighed a heavy 95kg on my heaviest days with 17 inch arms. Now? it's a mere 14. The guys at gym would call me Pussy.


Felt like crap? I did. Felt like a hero? At times. Felt like i'm inspiring? Maybe.


Hell YEsssss!

But one thing for sure.

I will finish the race come 23rd February 2008.

2 days to Chinese New Year and i have these mixed feelings about the race in 2 weeks time.

Way to go, Stupe.

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