Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I went home feeling happy yesterday evening and waxed the shoe right on.

Then, i wanted to go throw the rubbish and to my horror i asked wifey...

"Babe, where's my Crocs?"


It's a gift from my wife and i'm obviously upset! :(

This pair of CROCS last way longer than the FROG (the imitation) which i had and the shape remained the same even after 1 freaking year (so did the dimples inside the shoes).

Infact, the first pair i got for Wifey when they first came to our shore in 2006 still looked like it's new!

We're Crocs convert, yes, it's expensive, but it worth it.

And yes, I'm REALLY UPSET that my pair was stolen, what more it was a gift from my wife!!!

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