Monday, February 11, 2008

The Holiday That It Was...

Chinese New Year Eve
Reunion dinner at my parent's place. Had vegetarian food and vegetarian Yee Sang.

Then headed to my in-law's place for more reunion dinner. The bliss of having both the family nearby, and there is no excuse NOT to go for any of it.

New Year's eve was spend quietly with the family.

1st Day CNY
Woke up at 7am and drove to Hospital Orang Asli (HOA) to meet up with the guys (and girls) that planned to cycle to Frasers and back (195km total). Sort of really wanting to ride, but it's first day of CNY and doing so will be suicidal. Thank you Azwar for borrowing me his GT Jammer aerobar. Said good bye to them and headed back home.

Managed to swim for half an hour and "felt" that i'm getting good speed from the front crawl. 100m in about 4 minutes, if i could maintain that, i could finish the 3.8km swim in 2:20...really.

Fixed the aerobar and tried to fit the bike. Need more tinkering.

Rest of the day was spent at in-law's, then at Wifey's friend and later at my parent's place.

2nd Day CNY
Biggest upset was Surin sms-ing telling me he can't make it for this year's open house. A bit sad, but what to do.

Had a small gathering for families and close friends, the usual suspects, as usual.

Later that night, went over to my granma's place in Gombak for some typical chinese new year gathering where the 3 extended families got together to celebrate CNY, Low's style (my mum's family consist of 3 brothers living next to each other...and each brother has like 10 childrens, with most of them spanning 3 generation (As in Ryan's generation; the great grandchilds) Havoc? you bet.

3rd Day CNY

Swam 30minutes at 7.30am and felt like crap. Somehow managed to convince myself that i won't join the monkeys to do Broga Classic - their so called last LONG distance ride before IM on 23rd.

I went on for a short 30km ride, mostly used to position and adjust the bike; since i've fitted the aerobars. Managed to get a pretty comfy position and never felt better. Somehow, i guess it's in the mind that the aero position gives me better economy. Perhaps it does, to a certain extend. I just hope the shoulder and back won't scream for help come 23rd.

Pedalled back home feeling fast and got ready for Deva's wedding reception at Cyberview Lodge.

Was last to arrive as we need to get Ryan ready for his granma, but not fashionably late. The dinner started an hour after we arrive and as usual, the newlywed looked simply gorgeous.

Opps...sorry! Wrong pic! here you go!


And did i tell you that Deva's other twin is still single...and VERY available?

His name is Mano, and he is all MAN-O!

Here is a pic of the gang which showed up, Wifey taking the picture.

And as usual, it was a loud and colourful affair...

can't possibly stop the Bhangra music!

We went home, knowing one more of our brothers were married.

4th Day CNY
Woke up at 4am, and secretly hoping that Shazly will forget about our date for a 20km run. I was pretty exhausted over the last few days of visitings and (minor) training. To add on more, my parents organised a gathering for my dad's family side (which is 150% vegetarian) and there is no way to escape that.

granma and granson clearly exhausted

I was hoping that i could go home early so i could try out the new gear which was given by Nike for me and Shazly.

Yes, we freebies sluts were given 1 NikePro top, 1 NikePro Tights, 1 bottle, 1 shoe bag, 1 pouch, 1 running DriFit shirt and 1 running NikeFit shorts. I saved on my New Year Shopping!

That is apart from the Supernova 7 which i got as a seeding shoes. So, yes, it's pretty complete!

Oh ya, the 4th day was supposed to be a good day for Dragon to start work. So, i went home and switched on my PC. So there. CNY complete. Time to go back to normalcy on the 5th day and that would meant waking up at 4.30am to run with Shazly at 5am...

With 11 more days to IronMan, things are just getting crazier, and one of the toughest and hottest IronMan race on Earth are just about to get tougher and hotter!

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