Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thank You Timberland!

I had a pair of Timberland Classic shoe, bought about 4 years ago.

Wore it and took really good care of it. Wax it every week and the shoe did serve me really well.

That is until March last year when the sole started to peel from the shoe.

Sent it for repair (at the shop where i bought it, which was also closest to where i am at) and got the shoe back a month later. Then, the sole peeled off again months later and i sent it for repair the second time...and third.

Got the shoe back in last month and within 1 week of wearing, the shoe peeled off again.

That's 4 trips to the store and frankly, i was starting to lose faith with the workmanship (and i was made to understand that it wasn't just any roadside clobber that they sent the shoe for repair - which ultimately has also strengthen my beliefs that expensive cobblers aren't nessasary the best people to do the job right!)

And the 4th trip, i asked for the number of their HQ and called up their Office.

Spoke to Ken and he assessed the situation and called me back within 30 minutes.

"Sir, we will replace the shoe for you since it's beyond repair".

That i tell you, is the best news i've had.

Thank you Ken! Thank You Timberland (Malaysia)!

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