Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Toy : Nikon D90

I had an EOS 10D before.

It was stolen when i was donating blood about 13 or 14 years ago.

That incident swore me off going near any SLR.

This may sound corny, but i need a closure.

So, after much deliberation, balancing of account, re-organising priorities...

Wifey and myself went and bought a Nikon D90.

It comes with a 18-105 lense. Good enough to a certain extend for me to re-learn photography again. What more, with the camera driven partly by software instead of 100% hardware, i find myself behaving like a kid with a new toy.

Here's a few sample shot. Loads of work needs to be done before i could actually shoot a decently composed picture.

On kit lens with macro mode

On tele lens at 300mm

We went on to get anohter 70-300 lense and a spare battery in case we go travelling.

Are we happy?

Well, lets just say that i stopped dreaming about camera. I'm coming to almost full circle and perhaps, the closure is near.

Can't wait to shoot (as in photograph) the kids.

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