Thursday, April 23, 2009

Of Aperture, Shutter and Simply Tembak

I can't help but to play with the camera yesterday. Was just clicking away anything and everything and experimenting and playing around with the settings. With very little knowledge of corelation between apeture, shutter, lense speed etc etc it will be a steep learning curve for me.

I hope i will get back to this slowly.

I've been taking pics at night...and the camera has not seen the light of day!

Here are some pics i think is suitable to share. Comments would be appreciated.

Taken using a Nikon 70-300 f4-5.6 lense. Mum and wifey having a cuppa after dinner. Mum hates to take pic and this 300mm lense does the trick as i shot her from the living hall

Testing out the 18mm on the kit lens...very wide, compared to what i used to have

I hope the pics above won't be "controversial" la and ruin my chances to run for any political office in the future :P

My humble abode in 18mm

Ryan's school bag. Was playing with aperture and shutter speed and was using flash correction/compensation to reduce a "washout"

I was also introduced to a term known as bokeh. No, it is not hokkien. Bokeh to the photog meant background/foreground blur. It is intended to bring your subject out - giving a 3D like pic, at the expense of other details.

Not very 3D la...loads of work to do!

But wifey like got magic touch

Fail again, intend to focus on the middle fler, but end up focusing on phy-duck

As you see, it is really not easy. Either you are technically very good with the camera, or you are gifted. I am neither. So i have more excuse to shoot more.


Can lar...

I know i love to take tele shots and also macro shots. Details intrigue me. But i am not equipped with proper macro lense or with a better tele lense. I guess instead of loathing that i need those, i better make use of what i have and make what i have work for me. No point getting all the gears if the pics are not well composed or taken, right?

Taken outdoor. used the flash compensation with manual mode to control shutter and aperture

Stud in the pot. Fler made 2 other guppy pregnant and resulted with the pond filled with at least 17 guppies first time and 8 second time. Taken at 105mm at manual mode with flash correction

"A" mode, f6.3 with -1EV

As much as i like to keep snapping until the middle of the night. I know if i do that, wifey won't be too happy.

Stud's wifey already complaining and cornering him and ask why so cam-whore

I take bad pictures. Here is a proof. And i hate myself for not being able to catch up as fast as others.

Waste of time

A more pathetic effort playing with ISO numbers and without flash

I've taken a lot of pics. Playing with the white balance and stuff like that. But some are just so bad, i don't think it is nice to show. What more, it makes me feel that the shots above are all just fluke - simply tembak(shoot) and cross finger it comes out well.

If there is any consolation, it was only my second day fiddling with it, and just like Nadia (OMG, she is walking - separate post later on this) and her toys, Papa will not get bored with his this new toy.

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