Monday, April 06, 2009

Saturday Bike Swim Run

Not so much of a training, but it's a start.

I rode my Fuji mountain bike from home to Royal Selangor Club at Kiara to swim.

Distance as a good 10km using the Pencala Link and i tell you, i was sweating bucket.

I swore i did not go past 30km/h on the flat and only touched 45km/h max on the downhill.

I swore i was cranking past 120rpm on those 36-11 gears to acheive that speed.

And i was bobbing up and down as i was too lazy to lock my rear suspension.

That 10km took me bloody 30minutes - of what usually will ONLY takes 15 minimum.


I tell you, it's bloody scary to be riding on the road with a MTB. Not only i do not have top speed, the pick up was slow despite the burst of energy. I used to be able to clear traffic, going from right lane to left lane from 30km/h to 40km/h if needed. On MTB, it was goign from 25km/h to 27km/h...

It makes me wonder what an idiot i was last time when i was riding the road on my MTB...and i was thinking i was going fast!

I hit the pool and did my usual 30mins workout. Mixture of interval and stroke correction in the pool. I nowadays feel more "natural" in the pool and was able to roll on my belly (it helps, mine pretty big and getting bigger).

I could easily now do 30minutes of non stop freestyle - something not possible a year ago. Now just have to work on the navigation and i have intention to swim with my eyes close.

The highlight of the day was when wifey brought both Nadia and Ryan to the club to swim.

I was more than happy to spend some time with them.

Nadia wasn't allowed in the pool (by her parents) as she was coughing (with phelgm - it was quite painful to watch her coughing and wheezing).

But Ryan was back to his usual self. I'm trying to get his water confidence back. I guess that bad episode in Desaru last year where i made him jump and he swallowed some water might had put him off from wanting to go into the water again.

Such teribble father i am.

Ryan doing an Acapulco dive?

Spent a good 45 minutes in the water with him and it is really nice. :)

Growing TOO fast

I then went for a short run back home. Decided not to take the highway back as it was burning hot last Saturday.

Took the back way to KLGCC and exited at Taman Tun.

Lonely 2km

The 5km run took me a good 30minutes.

Looked like i'm back at my usual slow self.

The reason why i am so slow was because i am now 82kg with a 34 inch waist. That effectively put me at 18% fat, with a lean body mass of 147.73lb.

I will now need to limit my daily consumption of only 2371kcal to lose weight.

Not very exciting as a banana will give you 300kcal already.

Later that night, i went to celebrate Ultraman Yip's birthday with a bunch of Triatheletes and extreme runners.

To start with, i'm hardly in any of their shape where they are all lean mean machine.

One of them asked me if i am a bodybuilder.

Well, i was into that, maybe a good 14 years ago.

I love weights. Maybe that is to cover my inability to do any endurance sports.

Now, i'm considering if i should "change" sports.

Get bulky again with 17inch biceps? Damn, those were the days.

April 2004

16 going 17...April 2004

Should I?

Nadia now doing triathlons - Crawling - Standing - CLIMBING!

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