Monday, May 26, 2008

China Earthquake - A Test Of Human Strength

Human strength. That is something that has always drove me further than what i usually do. The will power to exceed our own limit and standard when the going gets tough.

China earthquake is one fine example. I received an email from a buddy and i tell you, i shed some tears and had to wipe it away.

The email came after my man boobs posting and i feel so small(and childish compared to what these people had to go through).

For example, what is my IronMan 15 hours compared to this boy carrying his sister and walked for 12 hours?

My achievement is nothing! It made me feel like a big whinning bastard!

Or how about this? A mother's love for his son?

And here we are in Malaysia, whining about the price hike, the land development of the rich men's area in Federal Hill, the judicary matters, the UMNO issues, the Snoop squad and more recently, the whole Middle Rock and Bukit Puteh issue. Those are nothing compared to what the people in Sichuan are facing!

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