Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nike Pro Ultimate

Hey, how about a top that promises to make you look good when you wears them?

Well, provided you have the muscles and bulges at the right places of course. These tight tops will either flatter your body or would emphasise the bulges at the wrong places more.

The Ultimate is an upgrade from the previous Nike Pro which was given to me during IronMan Langkawi. That piece (Nike Pro) of running top worked superbly and wicked off all the sweat as it should. I did not suffer from any bleeding nipples or chaffing under the arms. It worked as it should be.

The main differences between the normal Pro and the Ultimate are the construction. Pro had the thinner material (seen as grey as in the pic above) weaved with the top and Ultimate had it laser cut/sliced. Main advantage is of course the more consistent and accurate/homogenous ventilation which technically would work better than a piece of cotton T or any of their DryFit stuffs.

Pro Ultimate Long Sleeve

Pro Ultimate Sleeveless - it gave me the "square" chest shape

Now, to start with, i have no model's body and as not shy as i am, i did felt a lil too concious last Sunday when i wore it. The material felt the same as the Pro i wore for IM08 and the fittings are simply great; more so when i have love handles spilling out from the sides.

I decided not to wear any trisuit for Sunday's race as i do not want my precious (and cheap) trisuit to be covered with TDS. So, wearing a trunk and a separate top was the way to go. I might had lost about 3 minutes trying to put the top on after the swim as the top refused to roll down at the back and got stuck near my shoulder blades. I definately put on more weights! But once it was on, it gave me light compression and was like my second skin.

On bike with Ultimate

Noticed the laser cutted grey area from the pic above?

The top stayed dry throughout the cycling. It was literally dried by the wind (with me going at ave of 27km/h).

From then on, i ran with the same top but i put on a DryFit shorts. This is the second time i am running with a shorts as i'm usually more inclined to be wearing a tights (Nike Pro, no less).

Not so flaterring side view

the weather got a lil more humid than usual as it was gloomy and drizzled a lil. I was not wet, but not completely dry. It was not unpleasant unlike sometimes when you wear a running vest and the vest got all drenched with sweat, any wind or breeze that blows against your running direction will send chill down your spine (via nipples :P). Those wet vest are potentially rougher than sandpaper and that is where people that are prone to chaffing (underarms, nipples) would suffer.

Having tried the first generation Pro (Thank you Shazly), the second generation Pro (Thank you Nike) and finally the Ultimate, i would put my money on Ultimate to be the well, Ultimate running top. The pricing is about the same as the second generation Pro and potentially cheaper if you head to the Nike shop when they have sales.

Only thing slacking now is finding the perfect pair of socks and cap. :)

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