Thursday, September 01, 2022

Asics Magic Speed 2 : Not A Carbon Plated Shoe Yet

 Just In: Specs of Asics Magic Speed 2:

Those of you that has read about my short review of MagicSpeed 2 in my write up may come off feeling a bit disappointed that this variation does not have a carbon plate.

So I was not that accurate. Magic Speed 2 is NOT carbon plate, but it is "carbon infused TPU plate" Which is similar to Metaspeed Edge+. I do not have any experience with these shoes and can't comment. 

The stack height is 27-34 - which makes this shoe a nice 7mm drop. I wasn't far with my 8mm prediction based on feel. The Foam is sandwiched and combination of FFBlast+ on the upper and the  Fytefoam on the lower. Lending both agility and lightness. 

So, Officially, I've NOT tried Carbon Plated as yet. Only "carbon infused TPU plate".

Now, even if this is NOT carbon plated, those TPU plates were indeed impressive. And if this is just a TPU plate, then the technology of having TPU in shoes from the time of Skechers GoMeb using Hyflex material has since evolved. 

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