Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Explorace Season 3 - people recognises us???

My Explorace Bangkok is over, as far as i'm concerned. Fair enough, most probably 25% of Malaysian has seen me having my head shaven and seeing me being frustrated by the taxi driver name Anant.

The experience could not be replicated in anyway, that i'm sure.

And so, from my race onwards, there is only 2 more races for semifinal and 2 more races for the Finals.

As we all know through the advertisment on NST and Also Berita Harian on 17th August 2006, full page, mind you, the other two semifinal location will be at Jakarta (This coming thursday, 24th August) between The Siblings (Zuki and Noreen) and Workmate (Weng Aun and Cee Yee).

The other location will be at Cambodia (Merdeka Day) between Working Mum (Jehan and Amalia) against Nestle Girls (MJ and Misz).

At the time of writing, most of us already know who won the coveted RM100k. Infact, half the town up north already know who won the race. I'm not gonna spoil it all for you all, but if you happen to have friends up north, then ask them if Explorace went to their place.

So, here is some picture spread of the finals...up north... *wink*

Lets just say they had loads of fun doing white water rafting, river boarding, flying fox, cycling, acting like Indiana Jones, having fun with the local dialects...and racing to be the eventual winners...

Oh ya, on the way back from north, we stopped by at Bukit Gantang RnR. A groups of girls was sniggering and pointing my way and they actually know my name! One had the guts to ask me to lift my cap up to see if my hair has grown back. One more just keep looking and smiling at me. It was scary and at the same time, surreal.

They knew us. We are Azly and Ee-Van from Explorace. Nevermind we lost the race in Bangkok, but they seems to recognise me from even the Johor race when one of them jested and did the Zapin dance (the hitchhiker dance)...

I told Bandit about it, he did not really believe me until when we raced in 1 Utama for the AXN Amazing Mall Challenge. It all started when a lady we asked for direction told us she saw us in Explorace, and thought we are racing in Explorace at 1 Utama. We blushed. Then, there is this two girls that waved and smiled at us and they said "Exploracer!".

Even the chap at Subway sandwhich recognise us when we went there to check if it was the location for the last CP.

The man in Giant which i asked for help also recognise me.

So was 2 teams of contestant...one mix team and one more all men's team. They recognise us and said we shouldn't had lost in Bangkok. But what can we do?! The winner has been announced and it's not us!

One of Bandit's workmate told him his mother love watching me.

Even the AXN babes recognise some of us during the weekend.

Then, one girl stopped Bandit while he was auditing in Carrefour Wangsa Maju and say "Abang Azly, apsal partner abang lembab sangat sampai buat kalah kat bangkok?"
Translation: Bro Azly, whis is your partner so weak and caused you guys to lose in Bangkok???


Now, imagine if we would had been in the final. People would perhaps crazy over us!!! (wake up stupe, you're not Mawi or Siti, or even Dato K...)

It felt kinda funny to be recognised.

My neighbour caught me on Astro Channel 4 (Ria) and told me now whole Malaysia knows i won the AXN Mall Challenge. Yeah, as if.

Life goes on, lets bask in this glory while it's still there. I won't be able to make as any Powerbar Athelete or be able to afford any road bike. I won't be doing Ironman anytime soon for i do not want to embarass myself by not finishing (moreover, it's expensive race). I won't be able to find the time to do long rides like some of my buddies does. I'll do what i can, in my own capacities. My quest to be a triathelte (now wannabe saja) will continue.

Watch this space, for life, has just started!

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