Thursday, August 03, 2006

Explorace Season 3: Kelantan

It's On tonight at 9.30pm on TV3. Don't miss it, the final 1st round race of the season!

Excerpt from TV3 Website

Old traditions and culture still live on in Kelantan, and all girl contestants Masitah & Misbah and Yuhana & Irene definitely experienced it here!

After flag off in the bustling Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah, Masitah and Irene ran off to face Route 1 while Misbah and Yuhana took on Route 2.

Masitah and Irene’s first task was to perform the traditional Dikir Barat at Istana Jahar so they can move on to their very creative task waiting for them at Ishak Batik. Both girls had to learn how to stamp batik using the Explorace batik stamp and complete the whole process of producing batik successfully… Their finished products were very eye catching! The task at Nespure bird’s nest was very slow, time consuming and strained both of their eyes… some of those bit’s of feathers are really small!

On Route 2, Misbah and Yuhana first experienced the traditional skills needed to play the Gasing at Pantai Irama Bachok. It was very obvious both had not done this before! Misbah could barely tie the rope and Yuhana’s gasing spun really slowly… At Kampung Pachakkan, both managed their tasks of pushing boat and categorizing fish well, but the heat from the scorching was torturing. This heat continued to affect Yuhana’s performace while she was catching lokan. She had to return to the water 3 times!

The meeting point was at the Pusat Imigresen Pengkalan Kubur. Masitah and Misbah managed to meet there first and left for their next task at Kampung Ketil. Yuhana and Irene were trailing behind as both teams struggled with the heavy loads of processing budu.

The heat was not abating as the teams approached their final task at Infogaleri Sungai Golok Tengku Anis, and both teams were really suffering because of it… but one team does make it to the finishing point first…

To find out, don’t miss the Kelantan Race of Explorace – The Extreme Journey on Season 3, on air Friday, 4th August 2006, 9.00 pm exclusively on TV3.

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