Thursday, August 24, 2006

Reviewed in

Now, that explained the sudden surge in traffic coming into this blog. I got reviewed by italk2much.

They are a bunch of merry *unpaid* people like you and me reviewing other's blog with their own level of *rewards*, otherwise known as smacks

Nevermind that i get NO SPANKINGS and NO KICK IN THE ASS...i am however, known as "You Suck".

Thank you guys and girls for the frank honest observation and sorry for the pop ups, i'm really trying to get rid of it, but i can't seems to find where is the script that has caused it. Any idea readers?

Oh ya, i have to try really really hard NOT TO POST LONG ENTRIES. Really HARD!!!.

On the good side, at least i could be used to cure insomnia, no?


What's the next best thing? I got better review compared to!!! Here's the proof!but how come more ppl read him than me???

And KY got spanked twice. Well Done!!!

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