Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Explorace Ep 9 : Bangkok

Taken from the Explorace Website

Stopping tuk tuk without being able to speak any Thai outside of Bangkok city is a big task...hand language and all comes out

If everything else fail, i could make a living cutting coconut in perfect cylindrical and cone shape. You can see these in Jusco, though i must say i do a better job

Race 1 – Round 2
Explorace Bangkok

Explorace has now moved on to Round 2! We are now flying to all international Malaysia Airlines destinations…. You can imagine the excitement of the teams as they received their Malaysia Airlines tickets at KLIA! Teams Azly & Ee Van and Reezman & Azhari were the lucky teams to be competing in the first international race of Round 2. Where?! In Bangkok!

The starting point for Explorace Bangkok was in front of the very ornate Wat Arun, or also known as Temple of Dawn. After Sasha blew the horn to start the race, Azhari and Azly bolted off to face the challenges of Route 1 while Ee Van and Reezman set off to conquer Route 2.

The first task for Azhari and Azly on Route 1 was at the bustling floating market. Azly got totally drenched at this task! Azhari manages to maneuver himself throw the crowd of sampans a little better. After finding ways to communicate with the locals here, they then move on to the spectacular Thai Human Imagery Musuem where incredibly lifelike figures of significant individuals in Thai culture and history are created from wax. Their memory skills are really put to the test here. Then for a little cultural experience, they head to Siam Niramit to find theGolden Key.

Ee Van and Reezman on Route 2 first make a visit to the colourful and noisy Flower Market. See how they talk to the locals and learn how to complete their intricate task here. Upon completion, they begin their journey to the historic town of Ayutthaya where they learn how to make Roti Saimai from the locals and make friends with the beautiful elephants at the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace.

The situation for both teams started to change quite drastically at the meeting point at Bangkok Sports Centre. One team member from each team had to shave half their head bald!!!!! Why?! Watch to find out!

Don’t forget to catch Explorace Bangkok on the 17th of August 2006 @ 9.30pm brought to you by TV3 in collaboration with Malaysia Airlines.

Domesticated male on left doing it better than male on right...

Powering the largest mammal on land..manhout staying close by incase of emergency

Don't forget to see ok!

ps- i won't be around from tomorrow until late friday. Will be at location for the Explorace Final. The teams just got back from their first final round this morning. So, from tomorrow on, there won't be any update until next week. Don't miss me. (then again, what makes me think anyone misses me anyway???)

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