Monday, August 14, 2006

Shoes, Baby, Birthday, Brazil...

After the Bukit Gasing Race on Saturday, Wifey and me went to Curve to check out baby stuff. Time to buy already la! Can't wait too long or risk last minute purchase and buying the wrong things.

Shen gave me a link to her friend's blog(Thanks PL!!!), which listed down thingy that you might/will/should need. And so, armed with lil knowledge and so called wise shopping skills....

Items bought over the months:

Could be used from birth until baby reached 13kg (Bassinet) and up till 3 years old for the pram.

Graco Passage Travel System
This would be placed in either one granma's house when the baby goes visiting/day care...

Graco PlayPen Compact - we got the blue one, not this Ah Beng kaler...

Baby cot for room, which was made of solid wood and could double up as bed until the kiddo reach 3 or 4 years old.

Latex pillow and mattresses for the wooden cot.

Got all the item above on sale from Boss' wife, which own Safe 'n' Sound in 1 Utama. :)

Avent Bottles - 4 in 1 pack - RM70 for the 260ml bottles after discount

Reason why we bought Avent, though it's really pricey for feeding bottles was because it could reduce Colic.

An average baby bottle would only cost RM7.90 to RM11.00 for ranges like TollyJoy, Pureen or Anakku. But Those weren't as hardy as i recalled buying 1 every month for my baby sister when she was a baby. So, in longer run, Avent might prove to be a smarter ROI.

Bought 4 sets of babies clothing which are one each of long sleeves shirt, long pants, mitten, booties, short sleeves shirt, shorts, sleeveless t and shorts to go with sleeveless T.

Flannel to wrap baby in will be done by wifey's mum. Mum in law also bought 5 sets of socks for baby, which could be worn until 6 months old.

I've checked and the cotton diapers in Jusco are still the cheapest at RM19.90 (with 10% discount) for 10 pieces, will grab 2 bags of these. Now surveying which disposeable diapers to buy, Back 18 years ago, Pampers were the premier brand and nothing come close, nowadays, there are so many out there which will make a mockery out of your technical knowledge even in cars.

After that, while walking around curve, i went to the Brooks's shop. The sales assitant recognise me as the chap from Explorace. She say that the nestle girls came here too, to buy their shoes for the races. Wah...twice in a day i was caught by the public. An indian man came to me while i was walking to Rajoo's with Amir after the race and asked me how was my race.

I blurry thought he meant the Bukit Gasing run, only to be told that he saw me in Explorace.

Still, these don't get me free shoes or free lunch la!

Anyway, at the Brooks' shop, they were offering an obscene 70% off selected shoes! My Solomon and New Balance are totalled already. What better reason to buy new one at 30% of the price???

Now, having a big feet is bad because instead of buying the shoes i like, i had to settle for SIZE first, then design...

I was lucky as there was a multi terrain shoe my size and cost RM80 after discount. It's called Gecko.

It has HydroFlow ST technology which i think will make me swim faster.

So, wifey bought it for me la! Thanks Darling! (it pays to be a domesticated husband, no?)

Now, i can retire my Solomon and my New Balance. I have with me now, 3 pairs of sports/running shoes, A Brookes Targa2, Brookes Gecko and Mizuno Wave Precision 6.

I like Blings Blings on shoes...sucker for reflective material!

More Blings on the shoe!!!

I got the Mizuno for RM100 at Bali. It was also on 70% discount!

Then i have my 6 stud Adidas fitted with 15/18mm aluminium studs for Rugby (which was suprisingly nice to step people with in rucks, mauls and scrums).

Nice to step people with...

Then, yesterday, i went to my late grandad's house. My Aunt, the youngest of the lots, came back for good. She and her family was in Brazil for a decade or more. Based in Rio itself. Her wedding shop in Brazil is still being operated by another Malaysian. It's her daughter's second birthday and what more other reason anyone could use for one major family reunion?

Family Ties
I love reunions. Happy chattering and kids running around definately are loads of fun!

Food Ties
Food, as far as my dad's family are concerned, they are vegetarian and what you see here are just one of the many other dishes served! There was vegetarian sate, dumplings, spaghetti, macaroni, meehoon and more food enough to feed 8 extended families...

Chocs and Cake Ties!!!
Brazillian chocs in both white and dark chocoloate with orange sponge cake and fresh cream...yummy...

The Chocolate Fondue Dance
My cousin, which grew up with my family. His sister is the cheeky girl in yellow you see all over this entry!

Ribbon cheese, as my aunt calls them, that she brought back from Brazil. Simply delicious eaten as it is, or stir fried with vegetable or even fried rice!

Not a fan of chesse but this was too deliiciousss

And the coffee was!


Pilao or Pilai or even Pulau..whatever...the aroma was damn kaw nice!

This morning, i received an email from Sony Pictures Entertainment that me and Azly are in this weekend's AXN Amazing Mall Challenge! More camwhoring coming up?

YOU BET! (but kenot bring camera to the race la...)

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